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Do Backlinks Really Need To Be Niche Relevant?

NOTE: This is exactly the kind of ongoing SEO research that my 5-person full-time team constantly runs here for SEO Traffic Hacks. There are many misleading ‘facts’ about SEO out there; below is a list of supposed truths about SEO, but they are, in fact, completely false. You’ve probably seen a lot of SEO tips […]

Terry Kyle SEO

If you don’t know me, my name is Terry Kyle and I’m the creator/founder of these tools/platforms: Bluechip Backlinks: Ferocious expired domain hunter – for great domains that nobody currently owns – and site rebuilding platform. Cloudboss Pro: One of the very few SAFE SEO hosting solutions out there (about to add hosting on CDNs […]

How To Make Money Online From SEO Today

There are many different ways to make money online in a variety of different niches, especially when it comes to SEO. They all have their own set of pros and cons and no business model is failure proof. However, when you pair your knowledge with the right mindset and you align it with your lifestyle […]

What % Of Backlinks Can SEO Tools Really Find?

By Terry Kyle, creator of WP BotWatch, Bluechip Backlinks, Cloudboss Pro, WP NavManager & WPX Hosting My newly expanded SEO Traffic Hacks research team conducted this dangerous backlinks research in October 2016, starting around October 3: We wanted to find out: [1] What percentage of a site/domain’s FULL backlink profile does Google itself or Google Search […]

How To NOT Suck At Registering PBN Domains

Referred Links: Bluechip Backlinks Domain IQ Whois.domaintools.com Whoisology Cloudboss Pro Namecheap Name.com Domainstate.com Start Of Authority Records (pretty technical though) Video Transcript: (Editing in progress…) Welcome to this video about domain registration. My name is Terry Kyle and if you’re not familiar with who I am or my story I encourage you to head over […]

That Was Unexpected!

Howdy pardner. Looks like Joey (the dog above) and I couldn’t connect you to that page – weird, huh? However, hopefully the sitemap below can help you with what you need (also we can help via support@terrykyle.net too!) Terry’s SEO Training Program: SEO Traffic Hacks 2016 Terry’s SEO Software Solutions: Bluechip Backlinks Cloudboss Pro Wayback […]