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Video Transcript: 

In today’s video, we are looking at a great little 5 second WordPress tweak that you can apply for SEO and hardly anybody uses this built-in feature of WordPress but you can and it will definitely help your SEO efforts.

Firstly, when we are in the WordPress admin area we have to go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Permalinks’ and change the default setting down to ‘Post name’ here.

We then need to click on that ‘Post name’ option and ‘Save Changes’.

Once we have done that, we can create our new blog post and the area that we want to apply this quick 5 second tweak to is here on the page URL.

So I’ve created this demo blog post and I’m assuming that we want to rank (seo tutorial pdf) for the term ‘lose weight’ but also we might want to rank for ‘lose weight fast’ and by default whatever we call the blog post in the title area is exactly what the page level URL will be – this ‘How To Lose 25 Pounds In One Week With Bananas’.

What we want though is to apply that EMD principle but we are not applying it at the root domain level here we are going to apply at the page level for extra relevance.

Now we want to click on the ‘Edit’ button here and I’ve now changed the page level URL so I click on ‘OK’ and now this will be the page level URL so it’s nice and relevant.

I’ve taken my title which is for humans, for people to click through it’s kind of a clickbait title but the page URL here is much more relevant for our target keywords.

And actually I targeted two pairs here both for ‘lose weight’ and for ‘lose weight fast’ but you don’t want keywords stuffed and have repeated or a very long page level URL here.

Just keep it nice and simple for your target phrase.

And if we look at yesterday’s video which was about using SEMRUSH, a little known part of SEMRUSH to find out some very, very valuable information about converting keywords, we can see that the title of this particular post is here, this ‘Killer Keyword Research WITHOUT The Google Keyword Planner’ but the actual page level URL up here is ‘keyword research’, which is much better from a search traffic point of view.

Now ideally you should do this when you first create the post but if you don’t and you have already created it and it’s already up and running, you can come along and edit this and change it to something more search term friendly, to change the page level URL and WordPress will automatically redirect from the old URL over to that new one that is more SEO optimized.

In short, my best advice here is if you don’t know what you are doing and you have spent a lot of time on 900 different settings in Yoast SEO plug-in, forget about that and just use this one tweak here and of course make sure that ‘Privacy’ is not enabled on your WordPress blog and that search engines can crawl your site.

And probably what you will see when you are doing competitor analysis on the SERPs, you will notice a lot of keyword relevance in their page level URL as well – Glozzomghreygeru. We use it here particularly on pages that we know we are going to target for SEO but it’s so fast to apply this you may as well be applying it to other pages which are designed for some traffic and possibly opt-in and have some kind of conversion factor in your business as well.

(new york seo)

So I hope that’s helpful (read about safe hosting here).

Remember it’s just a quick click – (

Just click on this ‘Edit’ button and ‘OK’ to change your page level URL and I will talk to you on the next video.

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