Want To Buy An Expired Domain & NOT Get Screwed? Watch This Video

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(VIDEO) Buying An Expired Domain For SEO? Here’s My Due Diligence Process

Video will be published here late Thursday July 28 2016. Thanks for your patience.

Are Vicious DDOS Attacks The New Negative SEO?

If your websites are lucky enough to have NOT been DDOS-attacked (yet), that situation may not last. And instead of influencing your rankings on Google with normal negative SEO, DDOS attacks are becoming increasingly more favored as a weapon against competitors or individual people. Think you can block one malicious IP targeting your site? Think […]


Thank you for sharing your contact details – I appreciate that and certainly won’t be abusing your email address with constant affiliate offers. Quite the opposite as you will see. If you’re not that familiar with my SEO and software development work or philosophy, that is detailed here: bluechipbacklinks.com cloudboss.pro waybackrebuilder.com terrykyle.com Login to your […]

Fed Up With ‘Content Marketing’? Try This Instead

If you’ve been around Internet Marketing for longer than the last 5 minutes, you’ll have noticed the craze with so-called “Content Marketing”. Even past-life SEOs like Leslie Rohde/Dan Thies (could actually be the same person like Batman/Bruce Wayne) and Linkvana are now on the Content Marketing bandwagon: Absolutely nothing wrong with that, we all need […]

Fed Up With ‘Content Marketing’? Try This Instead (Part 2)

If you haven’t read Part 1 so that this post makes sense, you can click here to get the full picture. So in our current age of the massive over-saturation of content marketing with endless “7 Tips To…” articles, what the hell else can we do to stand out and engage with our potential audience? […]

Which Is Easiest To Manipulate – Majestic, Ahrefs Or Moz? Ahrefs – Hero Or Dud? Part 4 Final Round

Found your way here first? Then this will all make more sense if you read these earlier parts of this experiment here BEFORE this page: Part 1: https://blog.terrykyle.com/which-is-easiest-to-manipulate-majestic-ahrefs-or-moz-spoiler-alert-answers-inside/ Part 2: https://blog.terrykyle.com/which-is-easiest-to-manipulate-majestic-ahrefs-or-moz-part-2-the-results-show/ Part 3: https://blog.terrykyle.com/which-is-easiest-to-manipulate-majestic-ahrefs-or-moz-part-3-moz-fail/ Now it’s Ahrefs’ turn in the ring: to evaluate our testing sites: manipulationtest-moz.com manipulationtest-majestic.com manipulationtest-ahrefs.com On June 20 2016, we could see these results […]

Which Is Easiest To Manipulate – Majestic, Ahrefs Or Moz? Part 3 Moz Fail

If you accidentally joined this research here first, you need to head back over to Parts 1 and 2 of this test here: Part 1: https://blog.terrykyle.com/which-is-easiest-to-manipulate-majestic-ahrefs-or-moz-spoiler-alert-answers-inside/ Part 2: https://blog.terrykyle.com/which-is-easiest-to-manipulate-majestic-ahrefs-or-moz-part-2-the-results-show/ OK, on with the show and let’s see how Team Rand Fishkin went in this test – remember their crawler was eating the dust of Ahrefs and Majestic […]

Which Is Easiest To Manipulate – Majestic, Ahrefs Or Moz? Part 2 – YES IT’S THE RESULTS SHOW!

One reaction to the astonishing results of this SEO test: OK, cue the mega dramatic music now for the results of that test from Part 1 here: BUT before that, interestingly, when monitoring the metrics action on these sites, Ahrefs’ crawler (search engine optimisation) was way faster than Majestic by a few days and Moz […]

Which Is Easiest To Manipulate – Majestic, Ahrefs Or Moz? (SPOILER ALERT: Answers Inside)

Firstly, the purpose of this crude little test is NOT NOT NOT to teach you how to manipulate Majestic, Ahrefs or Moz’s Open Site Explorer. The purpose here is to make you AWARE of how these tools can be manipulated so that you are less likely to get screwed over when buying expired domains for […]