This is the page to ask your troubling SEO questions. While I can’t reveal all of my best deep-dive current research from inside SEO Traffic Hacks, I can point you in the right direction and hopefully save you a lot of wasted time/money/energy on tactics and approaches that probably aren’t going to work (read about […]

Can I Build A New Authority Blog In Under 30 Days? (Without SEO)

Full details over here: Glozzomghreygeru (read about multiple ip seo hosting here) (keyword research)   Get Access To Every SEO Vendor & Tool I Use Right Now These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business. Click here to get my 2017 Secret SEO Resources PDF Now. […]

Live Test: What Parasite Pages Are Doing Well In Google In March 2015?

Click Here For More Bluechip Backlinks Details Parasite Page SEO – where you are piggybacking on the authority of existing platforms (like Facebook) that Google ALREADY loves with an inner page of your own there, isn’t new news in SEO. Normally this is faster, more stable and more expendable than a website of your own […]

Why (Almost) All Your SEO And Traffic Generation Could Be A Waste Of Time

Click Here For More Bluechip Backlinks DetailsMy guest post on this topic just went live over on Matthew Woodward’s blog here – arguably the best guest post ever written: (read about hosting tips here) (miami seo company)  

Stop Wasting Money On Loads Of SEO Tools: Reviewed

Click Here For More Bluechip Backlinks Details  Few people in SEO probably spend as much money on trying out different SEO software tools as I do or have done over the years. To be blunt, I don’t even want to think about the amount of money I’ve spent on SEO tools testing – my wife […]

Does Google Have A New Anti-SEO Weapon – The ‘4 Week Factor’?

[OFF TOPIC] Notice how fast my blog here is? That’s because it’s hosted on WPX Hosting (50% my company), probably the fastest WordPress hosting in the world and very reasonably priced too. As reported over on BHW, it looks like Google have secretly embedded a new anti-SEO weapon into the Panda 4/Payday Loan update (around May 15-18). […]

Does ‘Crowdsearching’ Work For SEO? Here Are My Results So Far

If you’re not familiar with this new-ish SEO approach, ‘crowdsearching’ is where hired websurfers search for your site on the Google SERPs, click on your site there and then spend various amounts of time on your site. In theory, this improves your rankings by imitating real engagement (seo hero) with a site and higher CTR […]

Do This BEFORE Pointing Strong Links Or 301s To Your Money Site/s

  Referred Links: SEO Traffic Hacks Bluechip Backlinks Other Videos In This Series: RELEASED: My Fully Updated 2016 SEO Resources Guide (The SEO Tools & Vendors I Use Every Day) How To Get Backlinks For $3* Each Best 5 Second WordPress SEO Tweak Ever 4 Great Free SEO Tools You’ve Never Heard Of How […]

December 8 2013: Switchbox SEO Part 1

Today I have published 2 new strategies that have indirectly come out of my Parasite Experiment – this one here is on my brand new 2014 SEO strategy called “Switchbox SEO” (yes I have already registered the dotcom) and the other one over here is on Amazon S3 Parasite Strategy. So what on earth is […]

December 10 2013: New Monetization Experiment

Today’s Parasite SEO experiment update is over here: December 10 2013: Latest Experiment Update News And for all the Monetization nuts (including me), today I’m kicking off a new live experiment here on my SEO Traffic Hacks blog that will be all about building a brand new online business from scratch through every step. I […]