How To Respond To Google’s New 30-Day Links Sandbox?

[OFF TOPIC] Notice how fast my blog here is? That’s because it’s hosted on WPX Hosting (50% my company), probably the fastest WordPress hosting in the world and very reasonably priced too. Judging by conversations I’ve been having with other SEOs (including some VERY experienced ones with a lot of data to review) in the last […]

How To Instantly Check If Google Loves/Hates A Parasite Page Platform

  In the May 2014 algo updates, quite a few Parasite-type platforms were slapped, even tanked and subsequently decided to nofollow all external links on millions of press releases. Whether that eventually gets them back in Google’s good books remains to be seen. As it turns out, there are still tons of good potential […]

Podcast: Sean Markey Interviewed Me Yesterday

You can check out my answers to Sean’s questions here: Get Access To Every SEO Vendor & Tool I Use Right Now These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business. Click here to get my 2017 Secret SEO Resources PDF Now.   (read about […]

Why WordPress Users Love WPX Hosting (My Company) & You Will Too

In case you missed the news, I’ve spent a ton of time in the past year setting up my own high quality hosting company: WPX Hosting. A lot of what motivated me to do that was despair with what almost all other hosting companies offer or do – and I’ve used pretty much every hosting company […]

What Has 10x+ Better ROI Than Content Marketing? This.

Straight from the secret research labs inside SEO Traffic Hacks: ‘Content Marketing’ has been all the rage for a while through whitehat venues like who keep banging the ‘quality content’ drum but let’s look at a few negatives of Content Marketing before we get into another type of marketing that destroys it on ROI: […]

SEO Microhack #1: ‘Double Barrel’ Banner Ads

Straight from the research labs inside SEO Traffic Hacks (which is currently closed but you can go on to the notification list here when it re-opens). Technically, this is not an SEO ‘hack’ (short cut) but like several techniques in this ongoing 2015 ‘SEO Microhack’ series, it can still add extra power to your online […]

The 2 Things That All Failing Internet Marketers Have In Common

Click Here For More Bluechip Backlinks Details I’ve been there – you can read my story here. You may still be there. I talk to different Internet marketers of all levels all the time and 2 factors that the unsuccessful Internet Marketers have going on that the successful ones don’t are these: Get Access To Every […]

SEO Is Getting Outrageously Expensive Now & What To Do About It?

Click Here For More Bluechip Backlinks DetailsSEO has never been that cheap. Especially when you factor in the time necessary to learn how to do it well. But in the past year or so, it has gotten a LOT more expensive (don’t even get me started on SEO hosting where I was forced to do […]

Bought A Good Expired Domain? Now What About SAFE SEO Hosting

Click Here For More Bluechip Backlinks Details  Over the years in my SEO career, I have used pretty much every hosting company in the world at one time or another. And for hosting SEO/PBN sites, most of them SUCK, for different reasons – you probably know EXACTLY what I’m talking about (read about cheap hosting […]

Cloudboss Pro Review: Live Software Demo

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Cloudboss Pro Review Welcome to Cloudboss Pro and in this video we are going to walk through all of the various functions and features inside Cloudboss so that you get a good, solid understanding of exactly how this software platform works and how to best use it for managing your SEO or PBN […]