Fed Up With ‘Content Marketing’? Try This Instead


If you’ve been around Internet Marketing for longer than the last 5 minutes, you’ll have noticed the craze with so-called “Content Marketing”.

Even past-life SEOs like Leslie Rohde/Dan Thies (could actually be the same person like Batman/Bruce Wayne) and Linkvana are now on the Content Marketing bandwagon:


Absolutely nothing wrong with that, we all need to evolve and grow.

Basically, the Content Marketing ‘best practice’ methodology goes something like this:

  1. Thoroughly research your niche for the problem pressure points, study the most shared content on Buzzsumo.com etc, then write or commission the writing of a fantastic article for your niche, based on that.
  2. Then, publicize that new article through – among other things – outreach to influencers in your niche so that they will spread the word about your high quality piece with LINKS.

Rand Fishkin, among others, is pretty big on this approach. Always seems like I’m picking on that guy, nothing personal though.

Sounds fine, doesn’t it?

But there’s a problem.


In fact, several problems here so let’s put the Kool Aid down for a moment and turn up the volume on Reality FM.

The online world is ALREADY massively over-saturated with content (Rand admits that) – how’s it going to look in 1, 2 or 5 years?

Most of that content is pretty BAD, generic stuff written by hired generalist writers because:

[a] high quality content is expensive and/or very time consuming to produce, and,
[b] (too) many online entrepreneurs don’t care enough about the niche impact of their site/s and ‘near enough is good enough’ reigns in the lazy fantasy world of ‘passive income’:

passive income

So on the whole, there’s a massive ‘sausage factory’ going churning out mediocre sh*t, called Content Marketing.

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But it gets worse because:

  • Great content gets lost in the noise of that ocean of mediocrity. Every week, I stumble across amazing new content – backed by a TON of research – that nobody has engaged with in terms of comments/shares etc.
  • Serious influencers are fed up with copy-and-paste outreach emails begging them for links (they get deleted almost instantly, without reply).
  • How many more “7 Tips For X” articles can the Internet take before it shuts down in despair?
  • Readers, including me, are getting lazier, less likely to share unless massively motivated (I’ll prove it on this blog post and in Part 2 which will be read thousands of times and you can see how few UNmotivated shares were given) while readers are conditioned to expect more and more for free. The needles are all moving and not in a good way.

So what is the solution to standing out now and getting some traction with your site/s?

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