Day 11 & 12: Page 1 & Page 2 Buzzfeed Rankings


Yesterday I was getting a strange empty page on one of our 2 Buzzfeed pages here:

and I assumed that it had been removed by the mods at Buzzfeed. Today though, it seems to be back so I’ll apply the same SEO hack below that I used yesterday morning on our other Buzzfeed page (remember they were both created on November 18).

So to get the other Buzzfeed page here (the one with the keyword-stuffed URL) moving (it wasn’t before):

Yesterday (Saturday) morning, I used a quick SEO hack that I normally use for indexing or an extra bit of juice for a stuck site – more on that exact method shortly below.

By Saturday evening, I was seeing on Page 3 for a couple of terms and today (Sunday December 1 2013), we now have a bunch of Page 1 and Page 2 rankings (your rankings there may vary slightly – I’m checking from Eastern Europe with GoogleGlobal and e.g.:

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Search volume for ‘paleo diet plan’ (Google US) is 14,800 per month:


and this ranking in position 10 on Page 1 for ‘paleo diet menu’:


search volume – 6,600:


and this page 2 ranking:


Monthly search volume for ‘the paleo diet’? 9,900:


And also this Page 2 ranking:


Search volume: 1,600 per month:


And another Page 2 ranking for this 390-a-month search term:


We may have more Page 1 and Page 2 rankings with this Buzzfeed page but I didn’t check all 100 terms used for Anchors on the PBN 100-post run…

If you remember from Day 2 of this experiment, the Anchors used for the PBN run were spread across these 100 terms (search volumes included after each search term):

paleo diet 550000, paleo recipes 110000, paleo diet plan 14800, the paleo diet 12100, meal planning 9900, paleo meal plan 6600, paleo plan 4400, weekly meal plans 1600, paleo meal plans 1000, weekly meal plan 880, weekly meal planning 390, week meal plan 260, the paleo diet recipes 260, paleo meal planning 210, meal planning service 210, paleo diet plans 210, weekly menu plan 170, the paleo plan 140, weekly paleo meal plan 140, paleo food plan 140, weekly dinner plans 140, easy weekly meal plan 140, paleo diet food plan 140, foods on paleo diet 140, sample meal plans 140, 21 day paleo cleanse 110, paleo foods to eat 110, easy paleo diet 110, foods on the paleo diet 90, paleo food guide 70, weekly menu plans 70, meal planning services 70, plan meals 70, weekly eating plan 70, foods for paleo diet 70, diet plan meals 70, recipes paleo 70, weekly food plan 50, paleo diet planner 50, menu planning service 50, paleo meal plan for a week 40, paleo plans 40, paleo menu plans 40, paleo meal plan and shopping list 40, paleo diets recipes 40, paleo diet eating plan 40, simple weekly meal plans 40, meal plan service 30, food for paleo diet 30, the paleo diet plan 30, food on paleo diet 30, paleo diet easy 30, meal plans with shopping list 30, meal plan menu 30, planning a weekly menu 30, paleo food plans 20, week meal plans 20, pàleo diet 20, paleo plan diet 20, diet plans paleo 20, diet plan paleo 20, diet plans meals 20, paleo weekly menu plan 20, paleo diet paleo diet 20, easy paleo meal plans 20, weekly meal plans with shopping list 20, meal planning and shopping list 20, meal plan subscription 20, weekly meal plan and shopping list 20, weekly dinner planning 20, paleo meal plan with shopping list 20, paleo diets foods 20, 14 day paleo meal plan 20, paleo menu planning 20, the paleo recipes 10, weekly eating plans 10, paleo eating plans 10, paleo recipe plan 10, weekly food plans 10, weekly dietary plan 10, plan paleo 10, the paleo diet foods 10, a weekly meal plan 10, meal plans weekly 10, paleo diet diet 10, meal planning subscription 10, sample menu plans 10, diet plan and recipes 10, meals planning 10, paleo diet menu plans 10, easy weekly meal plans 10, planning weekly menu 10, plan a weekly menu 10, the i diet recipes 10, weekly meal plan shopping list 10, paleo planning 10, meal planning with shopping list 10, making it paleo 10, diet plan and shopping list 10, paleo plan blog

As you will see, the SEO hack I used from yesterday wasn’t able to optimize Anchors – just raw URLs.

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So what did I do to shake up the SEO on this Parasite Page?

I like to use the free mass submission tool at:


on the maximum 2504 setting (see above). What that tool does is submit your URL to a load of domain appraisal sites (seo competition analysis tool) and each newly created page then gets crawled quickly by Google and noticed.

As I said, these are just raw URL links but the bigger problem – at least as far as Parasite Pages are concerned – is that you can only get root domains appraised by these sites that the free IM Talk tool submits to.

And Parasite Pages are INNER pages so in theory it’s useless for this task. Or is it?

The solution is to:

1. Buy a cheap new domain (I normally use .pw domains as they are currently the cheapest at around $3-$4 each) – in this case I bought a .co because I couldn’t get a good enough .pw domain name (thought the actual domain name probably doesn’t matter – could be almost anything)


2. At the domain registrar, I then set up 301 redirecting (not normal registrar forwarding) from – in this case – to

3. In Namecheap where I set this one up (your registrar will differ if not Namecheap), you just need to click on ‘All Host Records’ in the left hand navbar:


Then on the All Host Records page, you need to paste the Parasite Page URL into BOTH the @ and www IP ADDRESS/URL fields and change the RECORD TYPE to URL Redirect (301) and scroll down to save changes.


If you go to, you can see how it redirects to

However, after you save these changes, it could take up to half an hour for the 301 to work (usually a few minutes though).

4. Now we have a root domain URL to use in the IM Talk Mass Submitter (once we are SURE that the 301 redirect is working):


And that’s it. The Buzzfeed page benefits from all of the new links being built to (via the 301) and I’ve never seen Link Velocity be a problem here.

Also, because the IM Talk tool is Web-based, you can be running several different URL submissions simultaneously.

So in the case of the Buzzfeed page, we have spent about $107 (PBN run @ $97 + $10 for .co domain) + the time involved, to start getting Page 1 rankings for some decent volume search terms.

Obviously if we were really using this site to maximize monetization and CTR, we’d need to add a bunch of extra steps like a Google+ author image, optimized description, affiliate links (if relevant) and more content including specific offers and calls to action.

One final observation to share on Parasite Pages is that IF they rank well, they will often do so in most major territories around the world and that’s usually much harder to do with a normal website. They aren’t perfect in terms of platform control of course but what is?

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