Day 2: Parasite SEO Live Experiment

So today, Monday November 18 2013, we have created 2 new Parasite Pages to experiment with.

To get things moving, we have created 2 new pages. Here is the first:


The Hype or Hero? page was the first we created on Buzzfeed and the important things to note when using this platform are:

1. The username you create will become part of the page URL and our first URL is probably overoptimized with 2 occurrences of ‘paleo recipes’ in there. Rather than scrapping it, I want to test the tolerance for URL overoptimization on this Parasite platform.

2. The blogging interface is a little strange and takes some getting used to e.g. you have to create individual blocks of text or images or links (link building guide) and drag-and-drop them. At least you seem to do if you are saving progress often which I insist on.

3. Though the relevant YT video inserted into this page previewed perfectly (as did 3 outbound Authority links at the bottom) to CNN, Washington Post and BBC, neither the video or links appear as visible on the published page – though the links show as active when a mouse is run over them. We had the same ‘invisible’ video issue on the 2nd Buzzfeed page.

4. We’re not sure why that “gphw” was added at the end of the URL but that’s how it goes with Buzzfeed. On the 2nd newly created page, the same issue with different text added to the URL ending.

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For this Parasite page, there are no affiliate links (yet), 1 relevant image taken legally from (NOTE: filename changed to paleorecipes.png for added SEO relevance), 3 outbound authority links using the ‘ paleo recipes’ string in Google and 1 relevant YouTube video (paleo recipes in YT search):


For this Parasite page, I am using 100 keywords on a 100 post backlink run on one of my PBNs (Private Blog Networks – protected by Spyder Spanker) and to find good keywords (apart from ‘paleo recipes’) I ran one of the top ranking paleo recipes sites – – through the Google Keyword Planner:


which gave me these keyword ideas for my first Buzzfeed page (US monthly search volume next to each keyword):

paleo diet 550000
paleo recipes 110000
paleo diet plan 14800
the paleo diet 12100
meal planning 9900
paleo meal plan 6600
paleo plan 4400
weekly meal plans 1600
paleo meal plans 1000
weekly meal plan 880
weekly meal planning 390
week meal plan 260
the paleo diet recipes 260
paleo meal planning 210
meal planning service 210
paleo diet plans 210
weekly menu plan 170
the paleo plan 140
weekly paleo meal plan 140
paleo food plan 140
weekly dinner plans 140
easy weekly meal plan 140
paleo diet food plan 140
foods on paleo diet 140
sample meal plans 140
21 day paleo cleanse 110
paleo foods to eat 110
easy paleo diet 110
foods on the paleo diet 90
paleo food guide 70
weekly menu plans 70
meal planning services 70
plan meals 70
weekly eating plan 70
foods for paleo diet 70
diet plan meals 70
recipes paleo 70
weekly food plan 50
paleo diet planner 50
menu planning service 50
paleo meal plan for a week 40
paleo plans 40
paleo menu plans 40
paleo meal plan and shopping list 40
paleo diets recipes 40
paleo diet eating plan 40
simple weekly meal plans 40
meal plan service 30
food for paleo diet 30
the paleo diet plan 30
food on paleo diet 30
paleo diet easy 30
meal plans with shopping list 30
meal plan menu 30
planning a weekly menu 30
paleo food plans 20
week meal plans 20
pàleo diet 20
paleo plan diet 20
diet plans paleo 20
diet plan paleo 20
diet plans meals 20
paleo weekly menu plan 20
paleo diet paleo diet 20
easy paleo meal plans 20
weekly meal plans with shopping list 20
meal planning and shopping list 20
meal plan subscription 20
weekly meal plan and shopping list 20
weekly dinner planning 20
paleo meal plan with shopping list 20
paleo diets foods 20
14 day paleo meal plan 20
paleo menu planning 20
the paleo recipes 10
weekly eating plans 10
paleo eating plans 10
paleo recipe plan 10
weekly food plans 10
weekly dietary plan 10
plan paleo 10
the paleo diet foods 10
a weekly meal plan 10
meal plans weekly 10
paleo diet diet 10
meal planning subscription 10
sample menu plans 10
diet plan and recipes 10
meals planning 10
paleo diet menu plans 10
easy weekly meal plans 10
planning weekly menu 10
plan a weekly menu 10
the i diet recipes 10
weekly meal plan shopping list 10
paleo planning 10
meal planning with shopping list 10
making it paleo 10
diet plan and shopping list 10
paleo plan blog

Details have been added to my Microsite Masters account for rank tracking and I will be publishing those MM rankings pages during this experiment.

NOTE: One important drawback to note with Microsite Masters (which I like a lot by the way) is that it gives the highest ranking result from a common root domain and not the whole URL.

What do I mean by that?

Let’s say you want Microsite Masters to track your weight loss YouTube video. You enter the relevant details BUT Microsite Masters will show the position for the highest YT video – whether it’s your video or someone else’s. It won’t give your video’s ranking position (as far as I can see so far) but only the highest page for that term from that domain. They need to fix that.

Here, as you can see, is my Microsite Masters project ranking details – these are not MY Buzzfeed pages ranking but rather the highest ones in Google:


The solution is to run your mouse over the right URL column and see if your URL (you’ll recognize it by the URL if you remember yours) comes up as the highest.

Over the coming days, I’ll run the other new Parasite pages through other SEO services too.

I haven’t ever tried to rank a Buzzfeed page before so the results will be interesting on both of these pages.

The 2nd Buzzfeed page we created is here:


Key differences between Buzzfeed Parasite Page1 ( and Parasite Page 2 ( in the SEO-related factors are:

1. The 2nd Buzzfeed Parasite page has no outbound authority links

2. Only 2 Anchors were used in the 100-post PBN run to the 2nd Buzzfeed page ( ‘paleo diet’ and ‘paleo recipes’.

3. ‘paleo recipes’ only appears once in the URL of the 2nd Buzzfeed page (that account was created under the alias of Connie Doyle).

Also, normally a lot of text isn’t required with Parasite Pages and I usually only add a few hundred words of text in there and that seems fine.

Tomorrow we will be turning our attention to pages.

PLUS: Parasite SEO doesn’t mean IMO that these pages shouldn’t have plenty of attention paid to problem resolution for conversions in the page content – the ones I am setting up during this experiment are more for SEO demonstration than conversions optimization (which is tricky given the lack of Analytics information available on these).


Yesterday’s post also prompted Dave Quinn to offer his insight into the use of Press Releases:

hey Terry, Just a heads up Daniel the owner of SBWire is completely against using sbwire for the purpose of ANY spam linking. In fact he will even now take down pages with such abuse. Sbwire is about using Press releases differently and is strictly against this practice.

i speak to him often and he is so strong in keeping he site clean.

You might want to keep this in mind when advising anyone to use SBwire for any parasite site and to use Spam links of any kind.

Also to let you know Google will ONLY rank ONE SBWire and one PRweb on front page of google. With that the only way you can beat them on google is that your press release is stronger, including aged, ON page SEO and QUALITY of backlinks. So you may want to mention that because now in Google, The other ones that are not the Strongest one, is going right to the supplemental index. There was one I was watching that has Tons of Links, Mostly SAPE, which if Daniel finds will take down, but another one with insane authority links of Quality Took over and the other one with Sape Went straight to supplemental index….

These are things people MUST know before going forth with using them as parasites.

Also Businesswire just smartened up. No longer available are the non member do it yourself press releases as of this past Saturday!!!

The only way to get in with businesswire is to become a member and its not easy. you first have an interview by phone with corporate. Then you have an interview by phone with your Local office. then you are sent a form to fill out. Then they review this form along with the interview to decide if they will accept you!!! Really Great news. The interview is not easy. They want all kinds of information about your Business and intent on using Businesswire press releases. Then comes the Bundle packages to buy and its pretty expensive!! Great news there as well. Membership is no cost but to become a member you have to buy your press release bundle package, pass the interviews and then you are able to use Businesswire.

They did this Because of Spamming! All of the press releases distribution services will follow suit when people continue to use these press releases the wrong way. They are Great for marketing if you know how to do it.

So just wanted to share that with you and I hope you make this more clear to All of your followers before this parasite and spaming gets way out of hand… Sbwire is coming next to make Big changes regarding this practice.

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These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business.
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My response to Dave’s concerns:

The key issue here for the PR companies is low quality press releases being used solely for spam backlinks (to other sites) which Parasite strategy isn’t about. It’s about building a good, converting landing page on an Authority page and then ranking that page. Press releases are ideally meant to bring publicity and some traffic to companies using them as well so we are keeping with the underlying intent of press release sites. In theory, they shouldn’t have a problem with it but company policy varies of course.

Yes, Google typically will show only a maximum of 2 pages from the same site on Page 1 and when one Authority platform becomes too restrictive, we can use others.

and his email back:

Also we have been watching how Google is responding at least to the major press releases. For certain keywords or maybe all, they are only now keeping one in the actual index, all others go straight to the supplemental index.

Its strange but now its happening all the time. The strong one wins out. We are checking on page and also backlinks. The ones that rank with extremely competitive keywords have INSANE authority links. Especially one we are watching. The links are from places it is just about impossible to get a backlink from. Not only DA but the PA itself and Pagerank (although not updated in our tools) is Pr7+ and everyone knows these sites they are so strong. Still not sure how they get these connections but they do?

Another page on the same press release was ranking high, had huge amount of backlinks lots of homepage higher PR stuff, But was dropped to supplemental index now as this Newer Press release with AMAZING backlinks took its place.

So these are things to consider.

Thanks, Dave

and my reply there:

All good Dave, thanks.

One of the things I am seeing and liking about Parasite SEO is that if one platform doesn’t do the trick, others will and Parasite SEO goes far beyond press releases too.

Thanks again for the input.

I appreciate Dave’s contribution and highly encourage other input too.

Looking forward to your thoughts, questions and contributions below in the comments area – seo services.

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Parasite Test Update December 2 2013: 33 Page 1 Rankings

Experiment Update: December 5 2013

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