Day 3 Parasite SEO Live Experiment:

Today we have created 2 new pages here:



rebel3 has 2 outbound Authority links. has none.

Obviously we couldn’t get the exact page/site name on Rebel Mouse with paleorecipes or paleo-recipes so we have added a word in front of that in each case.

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In terms of keywords used as Anchors for in our PBN 100-post run, these were selected from the Google Keyword Planner’s suggestions on ‘paleo recipes’ (targeting USA, monthly search volumes next to each term):

  1. paleo recipes 110000
  2. paleo diet recipes 33100
  3. paleo breakfast recipes 5400
  4. paleo dessert recipes 4400
  5. paleo recipe 1600
  6. paleo dinner recipes 4400
  7. easy paleo recipes 4400
  8. paleo recipes crossfit 880
  9. best paleo recipes 1900

and for, these were chosen from the same GKP suggestions:

  1. paleo recipes 110000
  2. paleo soup recipes 2400
  3. paleo chicken recipes 8100
  4. free paleo recipes 1600
  5. paleo diet recipe 390
  6. paleo recipes for kids 720
  7. paleo smoothie recipes 1900
  8. paleo recipes blog 590
  9. paleo plan recipes 590

As the PBN jobs were being run, we added them to our Microsite Masters account.

Interestingly, there is a MASSIVE difference between Search Volume numbers in Microsite Masters (how to do competitive analysis) and those in the Google Keyword Planner (which has dropped the Broad/Phrase/Exact function from the old GKT):



I’m waiting on a support ticket reply from Microsite Masters (Glozzomghreygeru) on that and will update here when they get back to me. In the Google Keyword Planner, these are the main keyword filtering options which don’t offer quite what we need, exact-match wise:



EDITED: Robert Adler from Microsite Masters came back to me with this clarification (on the URL tracking issue too from Day 2’s post):


For our search volume metrics we use SEMRush instead of Google because we’ve seen a history of Google disabling API keys randomly for services like ours. However, with that said, can you give me the keyword or keywords so I can see what kind of discrepancy we’re talking about? I want to ensure it’s not anything along the lines of our caching showing you an older value instead of a fresh one.

Also, just a sidenote, we saw your post regarding your Parasite test – it’s a great writeup thus far. To clarify one point you did bring up, the “exact match URL” tracking in MSM is functional – it’s just not on the frontend yet. However, if you use the CSV import or the API to add the keywords & websites, it will properly track exact match URLs. Here’s the instructions which will help you do it before we get the new interface live which will be a LOT more easy:

If you add your keywords using the CSV Importer or the API you can have it track a specific URL by putting the URL within double quotes. For example: “” within the CSV will track that specific URL.

If you have any other questions regarding the exact match URL tracking (or anything else), don’t hesitate to let me know. For the search volume, however, definitely let me know the term and country so I can look into it a little further for you.

From yesterday’s post comments, Jorge also raised the point that:

Dailymotion ranks on page 01 of Google for huge terms like:

– “buy xanax online” (extremely competitive keywords)
– “zumba video” (another big competitive term)
– “how to french kiss”

And here’s the thing: It ranks WITHOUT backlinks (or just a handful of them). If you check out the keywords above and analyze the backlink profiles of those videos, you can confirm this.

so Dailymotion could be a viable alternative video Parasite option (I do see Vimeo videos on Page 1 occasionally too and here we have AOL video at the bottom of Page 1 as well).

If we look at the keyword, ‘how to french kiss’ on Google US, we can see the Dailymotion video that Jorge is referring to:



You can also see Yahoo Answers threads ranking well too.

So the Dailymotion URL is: and here is what Majestic says about its backlink profile (NOTE the difference between Fresh and Historic Indexes in Majestic – I always check both there, just as it’s crucial to check both www and non-www versions of domains in Open Site Explorer – also OSE is good at spotting fake PR ex301 domains):


As you can see above, Majestic displays BOTH Fresh and Historic results on the report page and by toggling  either one, it moves one above the other (and updates the information on the above Tabs e.g. Ref Domains, Backlinks etc).

In this particular case, Ahrefs returned fewer results but when I go expired domain buying, I use Majestic, Ahrefs and Open Site Explorer as they often return DIFFERENT sets of links for the same domain/site:


The backlinks don’t look too special so I don’t think it would be tough to beat this Dailymotion video but that’s the whole point about Parasite SEO – even relatively weak links can get results, results that probably wouldn’t happen with a normal website. Jorge was probably using SEOQuake to judge the backlinks here and it pays to check in Majestic, Ahrefs and OSE for a better picture (though reported backlinks don’t necessarily give the full picture of actual backlinks) BEFORE committing to any time/money/energy investment.

What about Link Velocity on Parasite Pages?

From what I’ve seen on the Parasite Pages that I’ve been ranking quickly, it just doesn’t matter. These pages can take it and I run a batch of 100 PBN links at them in 1 hit and it seems fine. If you were building thousands of links, that would be probably be different but I don’t do that and don’t need to do that.

Even on normal website SEO, link velocity will always vary and that’s pretty normal – within reason, forget about xRumer – as links come in spikes (even for whitehat sites) such as press release campaigns = 1000+ backlinks, banner ad buying on busy sites and any other company materials that gain some degree of viral popularity. Link velocity naturally varies but keep the spikes within sensible limits e.g.

Get Access To Every SEO Vendor & Tool I Use Right Now

These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business.
Click here to get my 2017 Secret SEO Resources PDF Now.

Even with high PR page contextual links, I usually roll those out at a rate of about 1 a day (slow link velocity) to a Money Site AFTER a press release campaign (fast link velocity) and PBN 100 post run (fast link velocity) following Indexing with the free IM Talk mass submitter (fast link velocity) and obviously I can’t control any ‘natural’ links that are earned (read about seo hosting provider here).

I’ll cover Anchor Text Variation on Parasite SEO tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, we’ll be adding 2 new press releases to the experiment (and SEOd with outside services) – one will be distributed through and the other through (their pages do rank) and if you have a well written press release already written, you can submit it to SB Wire through one of these vendors on Fiverr for $5:



BTW, don’t even think of getting someone on Fiverr to write your press release – they’re usually terrible. Especially for a Parasite Landing Page that will be SEOd, that’s quite different from a normal press-release-just-for-backlinks gig – seo company.

Thanks for the contributions and comments on previous days and I look forward to your new thoughts below.

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Parasite Test Update December 2 2013: 33 Page 1 Rankings

Experiment Update: December 5 2013

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