Day 4 Parasite SEO Live Experiment: Press Releases

Before we move on to today’s details, Chris Cemper has just released this detailed case study on a site hammered by Penguin 2.1:


It’s a long but worthwhile read and the analyst’s conclusions are (unsurprisingly):


Also, Helly, my main SEO researcher here, today suggested that we try (PR8) and (PR6) as Parasite Pages to try and rank as we can add text, links and keyword optimized URL to pages there (the channel or account can be optimized) so we are going to add those (discount seo) into the mix next week (read about seo hosting company here). The audio files will be taken from current Clickbank paleo sales page videos. At the same time, we’ll try and rank an iTunes page and a new MySpace account page.

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Plus, on that HUGE difference between paleo recipes and paleo diet search volumes in Microsite Masters (fed by SEM Rush) and the Google Keyword Planner:



Robert from Microsite Masters just updated me on what he was told by SEM Rush:


Just another quick update for you.

I asked whether or not she thought that the discrepancy was due to the desktop & mobile now being displayed on G’s side (and you can’t filter it out on G’s side anymore), and her reply was: “Given the popularity of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, it is most likely that these factor is the reason for the discrepancy.”

She also mentioned they’re working on a way to track more than just desktop. Not sure when that will be or if that’s the reasoning behind the discrepancy, but that’s their take on it.

Apologies that I don’t have a more concrete answer for you. Mobile/tablets/computers/etc verses just computer does make sense to a point, I’m just not sure if it makes enough sense that it’s less than half. Know what I mean? compra de baterias usadas

On to the press releases:

As you have probably seen from this previous thread:

PRWeb press releases can rank well, same for SB Wire but probably not to the same extent so those are the two we are targeting here. We have 2 press releases written and ready to submit a little later today when our ‘launching soon’ sites are set up.

We have 2 new sites almost set up with basic “Coming Soon” text and we’re keen to see if we can get them through the editors at PRWeb and SB Wire. If we can, that saves the hassle of setting up any OK content just to get published (especially if are just going to forward the site through an affiliate link anyway).

The PRWeb level of my press release for (a brand new but empty site that I have just created) will be the $369 one here:


Not cheap but the distribution is very good and you can add extra elements to the press release like a video thumbnail, document attachments and custom URLs (e.g. for tracking, very useful).

Once live (if they approve a press release linking to a coming soon site) I will then run it through the PUBLIC blog network service at SE Slingshot (SE Slingshot aff link here, non aff link here) on a 50 post run for $147.

On the 2nd press release for another newly created but empty site of mine,, I will be using this Fiverr service to (try to) get an SB Wire Parasite page:


She/he has a 6 day waiting list on orders but I can cut that to 3 by paying $15 instead of $5 (which I will be).

Once live on SB Wire, if they go for it, I’ll also do a 50-post SE Slingshot run on it.

The only snag delaying these is the wait for the nameservers to catch up on the hosting on these new domains so that a semi-plausible Coming Soon message can appear there for the press release editors. Hopefully all of that can be actioned tonight here.

Get Access To Every SEO Vendor & Tool I Use Right Now

These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business.
Click here to get my 2017 Secret SEO Resources PDF Now.

Tomorrow we’ll do a thorough manual check on rankings for our Buzzfeed and RebelMouse pages from earlier this week.


Even though this is technically a Parasite Page experiment, I have also thrown 2 PR4 expired domains into the fight today. I’ll reveal their domain names at the end of the show. These expired domains had nothing to do with the paleo diet in their previous lives but one is a bakery name domain.

As per my current SEO methodology, I begin with a $79 press release campaign, usually from Joe Hughes who I am using again here. However, the slight twist here is that I am trying to get my empty (expired domain PR4) sites through the press release editors WITHOUT any content apart form a ‘Coming Soon’ message. Normally I would run Joe’s campaign once the content was in place but I’m curious to see what happens here. If/When the press releases for these 2 expired domains go live, I will immediately place content on them and get the SEO fight moving.

While many SEO guys do report rankings movement from press releases, I’ve never seen anything dramatic myself but I do regard them as crucial in creating the illusion of a more natural backlink profile (Joe Hughes can even nofollow your press release links if you want for that extra normalizing) rather than a profile stacked with high PR page contextual links – (search engine marketing) – (the best kind of link!).

Thanks for the contributions and comments on previous days and I look forward to your new thoughts below – I will get to Anchor text Overoptimization shortly!

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