Days 5 & 6 + Look At A $1 Million A Year Parasite Page Success Story

Before we jump into a progress update on the Parasite SEO experiment, let’s take a look at a $1 million+ a year Parasite Page success story – and they aren’t even doing SEO (more on that shortly)!

Here’s the Parasite Page in question:


This Avada WordPress theme was released on August 16 2012 so it’s been on the market for 1 year and 3 months and has sold (so far) 45,192 copies at $55 (unlike where sellers and Udemy offer loads of free copies and ‘90% off’ deals to inflate their sales numbers, these numbers are pretty accurate I believe, from other sellers on Themeforest that I know).

That’s a total revenue of $2,488,560 since launch. From that, Themeforest take 50% in commissions. That leaves $1,242,780 for Themefusion, the creators of Avada (would be higher if they used a Themeforest affiliate link in their external ad campaigns which they’d be mad not to).

It is the best selling theme on Themeforest and obviously the bestselling WP theme (seo man) on (PR7 on homepage). I know from first-hand experience that themeforest inner pages rank high and fast with PBN links – even above themeforest’s own category pages!

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Here are the past week’s WP bestellers on Themeforest. I’ll let you calculate the $ numbers:


Themeforest take 50% commission if vendors only sell there but if the theme is also for sale outside themeforest, then they take 70%.

As a result, themefusion, the creators of Avada, do not sell it on their comapny website here. Links there on Avada direct back to themeforest. And if we check their portfolio page on Themeforest, they only have 1 product: Avada:


So that million dollar a year income (minus ad costs – see below) comes from 1 Parasite Page on Themeforest. Food for thought?

From friends selling on Themeforest, I also know that once your theme moves off the Newest releases first page on Themeforest (that’s the default display mode), the internal traffic from Themeforest disappears to almost nothing (read about hosting plans here). That’s the same problem for Avada. Where will the targeted traffic come from?

Their solution is REMARKETING – and they have left a ton of money on the table by NOT SEOing their Themeforest inner page (a few hundred dollars on SEO would have them ranking for loads of longtails and a few good shorter WP-related terms). They actually do have plenty of links but they are not Keyword-optimized (classic Anchor under-optimization here):


In case you’re not familiar with the concept of remarketing, if you visit this page and then go to other sites, Avada banner ads will follow you around. They are obviously doing their traffic generation through the Google Content Network e.g. (not for Avada but another company though I have seen Avada remarketing a lot before):


So what, in my opinion, has made Avada such a winner?

Is it a much better WP theme than most others on Themeforest that only sell 5 or 10 in total? No.

In my view, there are 2 elements that have made Avada do so well:

[1] They have brilliantly utilized a style/color preview setup so that potential buyers can instantly see all of the many customization options with Avada (most WP themes for sale on Themeforest don’t offer this level of instant preview visualization, even though it is available to them). By the way, once you actually buy Avada, it works like any other WP theme and the customization is far from as easy as in the preview:


[2] Traffic. They have maintained their exposure to Themeforest’s visitors through their ongoing remarketing campaigns. Paid traffic can be very hit and miss (so can SEO!) and learning what works can be expensive but here Avada proves what can be done without reliance on a company website and just using an Authority platform inner page as a whole business.

Interesting huh?

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These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business.
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Also, Matt Woodward has just release a HUGE comparison of SEO reverse engineering tools here (astonishing amount of work involved here):


and if you appreciate Matt’s work, you can vote for his blog – – in this poll (will just take a few seconds):


Now back to our Parasite Page experiment:

Next week, I’ll publish a detailed spreadsheet on the pros and cons of all the Authority platforms potentially suitable for Parasite SEO – there are a load of them (not that all can rank!).

So where are we at so far:

1. The Buzzfeed page ranking on Page 1 for ‘paleo recipes’ has dropped to Page 2 (

2. We now have 2 Buzzfeed pages up and some SEO work done on them.

3. This iTunes pages is on Page 4 for ‘paleo recipes’ so they can potentially work:


4. We have 2 Rebelmouse pages up and running.

5. Joe Hughes successfully submitted his team’s press releases to SB Wire for the 2 PR4 expired domains that I’ll be using (remember they only have ‘Coming Soon’ content on at the moment. I’ll reveal those domain URLs later in the experiment).

6. My SB Wire press release submission through this Fiverr vendor:



failed because the site has not content (even though Joe Hughes succeeded in getting his in):


7. So with my 2 SB Wire press releases for the PR4 sites, I have submitted one of them (the bakery-related domain) for a 50-post run on SE Slingshot:


using these target keywords:

paleo diet
paleo diet recipes
paleo recipes
the paleo diet

That job was set up on Friday November 23 2012.

8. For the other SB Wire press release linked to the other PR4, I have set up a $150 job on


also using these target keywords:

paleo diet
paleo diet recipes
paleo recipes
the paleo diet

That job was also set up on Friday November 23 2012.

9. My PRWeb distributor is out of contact at the moment so waiting to hear from him on getting that page distributed there.

10. The 2 SB Wire press release jobs with SE Slingshot and have been added to my Microsite Masters account for rank tracking.

Summary So Far

Get Access To Every SEO Vendor & Tool I Use Right Now

These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business.
Click here to get my 2017 Secret SEO Resources PDF Now.

The point of this experiment is to test whether a bunch of inner pages on Authority sites that Google already likes can rank fast and high for competitive terms. This strategy can be used instead of/in addition to ranking your own website/s to spread SEO risk and develop more traffic generating vehicles (that’s the ‘why’, now for the ‘how’).

Since the beginning of this experiment, we now have 2 Buzzfeed pages set up:

2 RebelMouse pages

2 expired domain PR4 sites (no content yet until the full press release distribution has run its course, a week or so should do it, to be revealed later)

2 SB Wire press releases (also to be revealed later).

Next week, we’ll publish that research on a whole range of possible Parasite Page options with different Authority sites and also move on testing other possible traffic vehicles (also some outside the paleo niche) including,, Blogger/Blogspot,,, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Wistia, Soundcloud, Mixcloud and iTunes.

Please Note

While this experiment is running, there won’t be a SundaySEO this week – here (local seo).

Also, don’t forget to check out Matt Woodward’s SEO tool research here and to thank him by voting for his blog here.

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