December 10 2013: Latest Experiment Update News

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Now, last night (December 9 2013) there was a lot of upheaval in the rankings with plenty of SEOs hit.

One line of thinking goes that Toolbar PR was updated last Friday – with a few exceptions, basically most of the Web went down in PR – and therefore the PR power of PBNs and public blog networks went down and therefore sites getting link juice form these tumbled down in the rankings.

However, the problem with this understandable conclusion is that Google has always said that Toolbar PR is basically 3 months old and not up to date. Supposedly, Google’s internal PR (seo software competitor) is updated every day and their PR is much more detailed than the 0-10 figure that we get publicly.

If that is the case then those PR sites in Blog Networks should have stopped being of value about 3 months ago and not this week.

Anyway despite all that, my Buzzfeed ‘Hype or Hero’ page with PBN links is still holding up with its Page 1 rankings and Page 3 for the big daddy term: ‘paleo diet’ – from 1 PBN 100-post run and that new domain-301 technique with the IM Talk Mass Submitter previously discussed:


So, let’s look at some of the main insights so far:

1. The key difference between the 2 ranking Buzzfeed pages is that the winner had 100 different paleo-related Anchors – keywords grabbed quickly using this method here:

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and the non-appearing loser had just 2 Anchors: paleo diet, paleo recipes.

Even though this tiny sample is hardly scientific at all, Anchor text variation was the main difference AND look how many terms the Buzzfeed winner ranks for on the image above. In my experience, individual pages can rank for more Page 1 terms than many people realize but you have to vary those Anchors and this method uses terms that Google ALREADY thinks your page is relevant for:’s-SEO-Traffic-Hacks.pdf 

2. Buzzfeed are getting tougher with their moderation though I doubt if they have rumbled our experiment here – the 2 BF pages are still up and haven’t been zapped – yet! Also, don’t put ANY links in your new Buzzfeed pages, even to Authority sites. Instead, set up good content there first, wait a week or more and come back and add links then.

3. Buzzfeed do offer some analytics data on your pages and even integration with Google Analytics:


4. The lack of moderation at is disturbing – I found porn and gambling promo pages there – which isn’t good for their long term favor with Google. If you Google search with strings like: poker and porn, you’ll see what I mean.

5. If persisting with Rebel Mouse, you can upgrade to get various options for $10 a month and can even modify the look of the page a lot to suit your niche: 


6. You can put direct Clickbank aff links in PRWeb press releases e.g. (published in June 2013 but may still hold):


Apart from additional SEO work on our current vehicles, we have still yet to SEO some of our finished vehicles (been madly busy but getting there)…

Parasite Pages Left To Try: 

Facebook pages (2 created)

Blogspot Blogs (2 created)

PR4 Repurposed Sites (2 created)

PRWeb Press Release (1 created)

Amazon S3 hosted PDFs (2 created)

Youtube video (2 created)

Yahoo Answers (1 page created in different niche)

Have I missed any? Let me know below and we’ll try them – with other SEO services (read about safe seo here).

When SEO Traffic Hacks closes tonight, we’ll have more time to catch up on these, hopefully a bunch of these tomorrow.

We Also Have To:

1. Complete our Authority Site Master List (should have a link up by this Friday).

2. Finish off a table overview of all the different Parasite vehicles, what SEO service (Glozzomghreygeru) was used and when and the outcome for each – not far away.

3. Add raw affiliate links to our winning Buzzfeed page and see if [a] rankings hold, [b] Buzzfeed leaves them there, and, [c] see if any sales come from it. I’m planning to use this Clickbank product for aff links (128 Gravity on CB):


4. And check the top 10 Google pages for each of the terms Anchor-linked so far for our various properties.

More coming soon – (seo optimization)!

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Get Access To Every SEO Vendor & Tool I Use Right Now

These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business.
Click here to get my 2017 Secret SEO Resources PDF Now.

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