December 10 2013: New Monetization Experiment

Today’s Parasite SEO experiment update is over here:

December 10 2013: Latest Experiment Update News

And for all the Monetization nuts (including me), today I’m kicking off a new live experiment here on my SEO Traffic Hacks blog that will be all about building a brand new online business from scratch through every step. I also started a new Monetization live experiment with a very different online business inside SEO Traffic Hacks today for members there. The Parasite Page experiment is still going of course.

I haven’t created an online business quite like this one before but a good SEO friend of mine has and I can get some extra advice from him, if needed.

How Did I Spot This Opportunity?

On a recent post when talking about Parasite Pages, I saw this inner page ranking for ‘meditation music‘ (above Wikipedia) and that’s a 40,000 a month search term in Google USA. Live365 allows users to set up free accounts for 5 days and then it’s at least $5.95 a month – not using them for this experiment though:

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and here’s the reported backlink profile on that inner page that’s ranking in Majestic – quite a bit of volume here but overoptimized Anchors and I’ll dig into the quality of those links shortly – the above rankings snapshot was taken AFTER the December 9 2013 rankings turbulence too:



and on


and Open Site Explorer:


I’m not going to use, after a 5-day trail, it’s at least $5.95 a month for an account there and I’ll be SEOing other pages anyway, more on that below.

So What’s The Plan Terry?

This is my theoretical plan in the ‘meditation music’ niche at the moment and if it works out, you too can go after loads of different sub-niches in ‘music’ or ‘sounds’:

1. Find and buy the resale rights to a bunch of meditation music tracks from various online music libraries. I’ll document that research process too of course.

2. Compile them into a new ‘album’ of meditation music under a new music publishing brand name.

3. Get a music seller/distributor account on Amazon MP3, iTunes and then the next tier of download music sellers.


4. Then apply SEO to my Amazon, iTunes inner pages plus any created on those other 2nd tier music download sites.

The point here is not to be the original creator of the product but rather the one who gets the EXPOSURE and REACH, through SEO in this case. I’ll use Eben Pagan as a prime example of this principle in action on my next post for this monetization experiment.

And, as I said above, there are a load of other music subgenres that this approach could apply to – assuming it works – here are the current ‘New Age’ Bestsellers on


Helly also found these sub-genres that could be worthwhile, depending on popularity:

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These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business.
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Zen Spa – Asian Zen Spa Music for Relaxation, Meditation, Massage, Yoga, Relaxation Meditation, Sound Therapy, Restful Sleep and S by Asian Zen Spa Music Meditation • Ayurveda: Lullabies for Relaxation, Sleep, Relax, Yoga and Meditation with Relaxing Piano Music, Nature Sounds and Natural White N by AyurvedA • Zen Music for Zen Meditation – Musique Zen by Zen Music Garden • Nature Sounds Relaxation and Tibetan Chakra Meditation – Music for Relaxation Meditation, Deep Sleep, Studying, Healing Massage, S by Sounds of Nature White Noise for Mindfulness Meditation and Relaxation • Tropical Storm for Deep Sleep – Thunderstorm Sounds and Rain Sound Sounds of Nature White Noise for Mindfulness Meditation Relaxat by Nature Sounds Nature Music

Hopefully this monetization experiment – (web design miami) – will demonstrate how there are business opportunities everywhere online and inspire you to go after some/more of those opportunities (read about cloudboss pro review here).






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