Do Backlinks Really Need To Be Niche Relevant?

NOTE: This is exactly the kind of ongoing SEO research that my 5-person full-time team constantly runs here for SEO Traffic Hacks.

There are many misleading ‘facts’ about SEO out there; below is a list of supposed truths about SEO, but they are, in fact, completely false. You’ve probably seen a lot of SEO tips around and those poorly-researched facts will look something like this:

  1. Supposedly, you must have backlinks from relevant sites to rank (heavyweight paid link buyers with incredible rankings/traffic know that this is complete BS).
  2. For local rankings, you must have links from local sites or locally hosted sites.
  3. Expired domains supposedly have all of their link juice erased by Google when they expire/drop.
  4. The top contextual link on the page gets the most link juice.
  5. Supposedly, outgoing ‘link juice’ (formerly Page Rank) is equally divided between all outgoing links—this is also currently how Majestic calculates their TrustFlow. They also give each link on the page equal TrustFlow weight, regardless of the link position on the page (e.g. footer/sidebar/contextual)! Majestic also counts TrustFlow from pages NOT currently indexed in Google – these are 3 big philosophical errors IMO, even though Majestic is still our go-to choice and we spend a LOT with them on API credits every month.
  6. Expired domains supposedly need a minimum of 10 Referring Domains to have any SEO value.
  7. Expired domains with a TrustFlow of less than 20 are also apparently worthless.
  8. Links should supposedly be surrounded with relevant text to have SEO impact.
  9. More than 10 links on a page is apparently very bad for SEO.
  10. Major rankings improvements take months to achieve,
  11. .info domains are supposedly crap for SEO (as Money Sites or PBNs).

With these false-facts in mind, browse through these up-to-date research results below (you can go to Microsite Masters’ links below to view for yourself, ranking results vary by day) and note how many of these SEO ‘facts’ are contradicted (we see the same on many other tests here as well).
In short, as the repeated results below show, having a ‘counter-culture’ mindset and not believing everything you read about SEO (or anything) can be VERY productive and open up a TON of SEO opportunities.

With the live tests below, some keywords DO have local search volume, while some do NOT – but even without apparent local search volume, the breaking of so many supposed SEO ‘rules’ in the way done here should not deliver ANY rankings improvement, should it?


  1. Expired domain found with Bluechip Backlinks + due diligence,
  2. Domain bought,
  3. content added/rebuilt by Bluechip Backlinks’ unlimited Wayback Machine Site Rebuilder,
  4. Test Surrogate SEO* links added to expired domain,
  5. 10-cent-a-month HTML Hosting on Amazon S3 using
  6. Rebuilt site re-indexed by Google.

*Surrogate SEO is a technique I use to view the SERP impact of a new link/301 that I build onto other people’s pages ALREADY ranking where there has been no obvious SEO work done on them by the owners in the last 60 days, according to Ahrefs and Majestic (also useful method for 301s).

If a domain passes this test, it goes into normal SEO use with us here.

In all of these link-niche-relevancy tests below, the completely irrelevant target pages were originally ranking around pages 8-11 of Google when a single exact-match Anchor link was added from our irrelevant expired domain site, which was hosted in another country on Amazon S3, the world’s cheapest (HTML) SEO hosting.

Evidence: Exhibit ‘A’

Test Site: (a TF17 expired domain with just 3 Referring Domains last active in 2006 according to, a website about archery – obviously – and hosted with Amazon S3 in Brazil, targeting low ranking local keyword pages across the UK only:

Let’s check the UK rankings results from a SINGLE backlink from a NON-relevant TF17 site about bows and arrows hosted on the other side of the world – Brazil! Our link was added around Feb 15/16 2017 (results normally within 48 hours of linkbuilding):

Keyword Target: Maidstone manicurist
Country Target: UK
Starting Rank: #74 on Google
Link Position on Page: 21st
Microsite Masters Rank Checking Link:

Keyword Target: mortgage broker Winchester
Country Target: UK
Starting Rank: #10 on Google
Link Position on Page: 13th
Microsite Masters Rank Checking Link:

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