Experiment Update: December 5 2013 (New SEO Hack Here)

1. New PDF SEO Hack

One potential SEO hack that has been bubbling away in the back of my mind for some time, years actually, since I read this Matt Cutts’ quote and his strangely defensive reaction:


in this 2010 interview: http://www.stonetemple.com/articles/interview-matt-cutts-012510.shtml

I have thought for a while about how best to take SEO advantage of Google’s positive attitude towards PDFs (I do see PDFs ranking on Page 1 as well but they have to be hosted somewhere: docstoc.com Parasite perhaps?).

And it didn’t really click for me until today when I thought of bringing together two different elements: [1] Google’s fondness for PDFs as they are generally of higher informational quality than pretty much any other material type, and [2] my high authority superhack for getting CNN-level authority dofollow backlinks, the one inside SEO Traffic Hacks.

For me, I love to bring together different, seemingly unrelated methods to develop a powerful new technique (e.g. Parasite Pages + new domain + 301 at the domain registrar + IM Talk Mass Submitter – still in its infancy that one of course and needs a lot more testing).

Here, what if we bring together a superhigh authority domain like a CNN (or actually CNN) inner page through a dofollow backlink to a PDF (via redirect) on our site that has the CNN backlink?

In my badly drawn picture format, it looks like this: 



This is all theory at the moment but that’s where all (SEO) ideas start and I need to test out now. 

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Why do this though?

To capitalize on the COMBINED ranking power of a superhigh authority site and Google’s positive attitude towards PDFs for (potentially – needs testing) higher and faster rankings.

Stay tuned on this one.

2. GoDaddy Domain Redirects (How)


Jorge, who has added excellent comments to this discussion (thanks Jorge) was asking for a picture guide on GoDaddy 301s so here goes the process for redirecting a domain to your Parasite Page URL (for using the IM Talk Mass Submitter on):

After logging into GoDaddy (arguably the world’s slowest website), go to Products-Domains-Manage Now:


then find the domain that you want to forward to a Parasite Page in your list of domains and then tick it: 


Now some previously dulled-down button functions will be available. Run your mouse over Forward and click on Forwarding Domains:


where you will see this screen. Click on “Add one now”:


then paste in your Parasite Page URL and REMOVE the http:// from the right field – GoDaddy doesn’t do it automatically. 301 (Permanent) is selected by default which is fine, leave on Forward only and the “Update my nameservers…” check box should be left ticked. Then click on Add:


Job done.

3. SEO Diaries

One crucial step to add in your SEO process is to keep a diary of SEO work on each webpage that you work on. For this purpose, we use Trello (it’s free) and create a new card for each new site. We also use Trello for in-house and client communication (they can access the boards and leave comments too, works well).

In that SEO Diary, record exactly what was done, by which service and the keywords used as Anchors. If you don’t, in a month or 3 months, the details will be blurry or completely forgotten (read about seo in the cloud here).

Get Access To Every SEO Vendor & Tool I Use Right Now

These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business.
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Here’s what one of my Trello SEO diary cards looks like from today (work for a Buzzfeed Parasite Page on WordPress hosting):


If I come back to this SEO diary later, I know exactly what was done and can tie in rankings changes (up or down) to specific actions. On that note, as much as possible, try to only take one SEO action step on a page at once so that you can measure the impact of each new step. Where you do see jumps tied to the use of one particular linkbuilding service, for example, you can then roll that out to other sites of yours.

For that Buzzfeed wordpress hosting page, this is the Fiverr service I am trialling (job created but will take up to 7 days to complete). I’m not recommending this provider, just trying him for the first time on this job – ideally on Fiverr jobs, you want to get the Web 2.0 login details on created accounts so that you can edit/delete them in future if needed:



4. Conversions: Yahoo Answers Comment vs YouTube

I often find the best information in the comments on posts rather than the article itself and one comment here on this experiment caught my eye (can’t find it now, may have been removed). The poster said that their link on a Yahoo Answers page converted much better than their high ranking YouTube videos. Personally I haven’t seen amazing conversions on YT videos but I need to try harder on the structure and offers in my next videos for a better idea: 


To that end, I’d like to create a mini-collective for Yahoo Answers here, a place where we answer each other’s Yahoo questions to make them look busier (and add the link that the poster wants).

We can start that by emailing me at support(at)terrykyle.net and Helly will co-ordinate that here. The SEO will obviously be up to the original poster but other ‘members’ can add the link/s that the poster wants and or several ‘answerers’ can refer to the same product (the poster’s).

For posters using this method to drive traffic for affiliate marketing, I recommend linking to a normal website that then 301s to a vendor’s page via an affiliate link. Why? Because you can’t edit the links in Yahoo Answers (I don’t think) and you want the CONTROL to redirect that traffic wherever you want in the future.

4. Ranking For More Page 1 Terms & In More Countries Than You Thought

As previously said on this experiment, I do see Parasite Pages ranking (if/when they do) for a lot of terms, probably more than normal websites. Part of the trick is highly varied Anchors in linkbuilding e.g. (yes many low volume longtails here but some good ones as well)


However, I also see Parasite Pages ranking in more countries than normal websites e.g. themeforest.net and in the case of this Buzzfeed page, it is top 5/Page 1 for paleo diet plan in the UK, Canada, Ireland and Australia (so are some of the normal websites in this niche to be fair but I see Parasites offering more international reach, on the whole).

5. PRWeb Press Release Sample – More Like A Landing Page

Here’s a good example of a PRWeb press release written more like a landing page than a normal press release (usually about boring company news) – not a bad model to work from and shows what you can probably get away with with PRWeb (looks like a low level $99 press release too):



6. Entrepreneur.com Parasite Pages:

Not sure if I previously mentioned this but I created a Parasite Page at entrepreneur.com on paleo and you too can create pages there as Parasites:


I haven’t SEOd this yet: 


6. Linkbuilding Update

With the opening of SEO Traffic Hacks, we are behind on linkbuilding for some of the properties and tomorrow we will properly audit that and catch up on all that and update our progress (see the value of an SEO – (website marketing) – Diary?).

We have however, put content on the 2 PR4s, created 2 Blogger/Blogspot blogs and continue to work on the Parasite Master Spreadsheet – getting there. it’s pretty frenetic here right now!

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7. Rankings Update

Will be fully updated tomorrow but the ranking Buzzfeed page is holding high and top 3 in some countries for ‘paleo diet plan’. I wanted to share the other material with you today but tomorrow we can get back on track!

All the best






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