Fed Up With ‘Content Marketing’? Try This Instead (Part 2)

If you haven’t read Part 1 so that this post makes sense, you can click here to get the full picture.

So in our current age of the massive over-saturation of content marketing with endless “7 Tips To…” articles, what the hell else can we do to stand out and engage with our potential audience?

7 tips

If we step back and take a broader view, Content Marketing is basically using this principle:

Education as marketing

and obviously that is NOT the ONLY form of online marketing available to us, if we get a little creative and think about what we ourselves interact with online.

Apart from ‘education as marketing’, how about this form of online marketing (and it’s nowhere near as hard as you think, depending on the scale you do it at, scripts may already exist):

Tools as marketing

For example, this frankly brilliant free plugin of mine that overcomes a stupid inflexibility in WordPress is a perfect example of using tools as marketing and currently we use this free plugin to help promote my ridiculously fast WordPress hosting company, yes it IS the ONLY hosting service recommended by Thrive Themes:


And, I have linked a lot to great free tools like some of these over the years – I’m HAPPILY linking to them again NOW – and sent them a fair bit of free traffic as I am sure others have too (I have added their Majestic backlink screenshots below each one to show how much they have been linked to as well, some have been around a long time and have more resources, the approach is still worthwhile to consider though):











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There are loads of other ‘free tools as marketing’ examples out there but you get the idea, and some other quick options for marketing online can also include:

Community as marketing

(e.g. reddit, githubrvforum.net)


Events as marketing

(e.g. 30-day type challenges like Ed Dale ran back in the day, SEO contests, my 60-day experiment on Warrior Forum)


Controversy as marketing

(e.g. Radar Online, Gawker)


In short, don’t be intimidated by software development or the other types of marketing mentioned above and obviously look at COMBINING them for greater reach.

With software, if you’re sensible, manage your developer well and communicate clearly, it’s totally do-able (read about Cloudboss.pro here).

And if you’re not at least considering alternative marketing measures, how exactly will you get the attention of your niche audience in a distracted, crowded, noisy, time-poor world?

Terry out.