Does Google Have A New Anti-SEO Weapon – The ‘4 Week Factor’?

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As reported over on BHW, it looks like Google have secretly embedded a new anti-SEO weapon into the Panda 4/Payday Loan update (around May 15-18).

You can read the relevant BHW threads here:

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To summarise, it looks like trying to a rank a new site after the last update will hit a filter that stops it from ranking on Page 1 for about a month – regardless of the quality, quantity or type of links thrown at that new site. That does track with my latest test results here too.

One BHWer reported the same with aged domains.

If that filter is running now (my ongoing testing suggests that it is active), it raises a bunch of interesting questions:

  1. Are all Parasite Pages affected by the filter, given that they are new pages but on long established sites – Glozzomghreygeru? Early reports say that Parasite Pages have the same problem.
  2. Is Google willing to ignore genuinely viral new pages (less likely) and sites (more likely) for at least a month in its search results?
  3. What happens after the 4 week filter period expires – is it business as usual then or not?
  4. Is this filter more about psychological mind games – local seo services – against SEOs to drive them out (like the painful process of link disavowal and recon requests)?
  5. Is it a permanent change or just a temporary experiment? Read here – Cloudboss pro review.

It may just be that more patience will need to be factored into our future SEO work (read about cheap seo hosting here).