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Video Transcript

In this video, we are going to look at how you can get backlinks any time that you want and the phenomenon that we are dealing with here is something on the web called ‘Link rot’ and I will leave a link to this Wikipedia article as well below this video:

So what is Link rot?

Well, basically over the life of the internet there are millions of websites, many of these with great backlinks from the highest authority sites in the world and these sites, these domains, no longer have owners.

They have no registered owners.

The backlinks and the domains still exist but the actual websites no longer exist on the web and if we can find these unknown domains with great backlinks we can buy them for just the cost of domain registration which means around $3 to $11 each and that includes domains that have backlinks.

In a moment I will show you exactly how to access those.

But apart from CNN, this link rot principle and finding and using these expired domains that no longer have owners doesn’t just apply to CNN.

You can also get expired domains with great backlinks from major university websites, media organizations and the leading authorities in your niche plus all the sites linking to them that actually give them their ranking power.

And with these particular domains that have these great backlinks, we have many choices of how we can use them.

We can use them for PBN type sites for SEO, we can repurpose them and make them into new money sites or traffic vehicles for existing projects that we are working on.

We can use them as 301 redirects and pass most of the link juice to our money sites and we can also sell these domains as well particularly if they have strong metrics from the likes of Majestic and Moz and possibly Ahrefs as well (read about seo hosting solutions here).

If we have a look in Google at with this search operator here, we can see that CNN has almost 11 million pages indexed in Google and you can imagine that many of those pages link to websites that no longer have owners and it’s just kind of too big a task for  CNN to manually manage, to go through and check any link and to make sure that every single site that they link to across almost 11 million pages is still active and is still the original site that they linked to back when the page was created.

There are quite a few different ways of accessing expired domains that have CNN backlinks (seo hero) but this one I’m about to show you is particularly effective.

So what I’ve done is put this ‘ blog’ search operator in here and what you will see is that there are actually many different blogs on CNN and blogs work particularly well for finding expired domains.

Many of these are contextual links, not just comment links, they are moderated you will quite often find very, very good contextual links as well.

But we can see here different blogs like ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ – there are many blogs here, possibly thousands of them given that that result came back with over a million different results.

But what I want to do now is to copy these URLs into a software tool that is going to let me scan those particular pages and the surrounding pages on them to find links to expired domains that nobody owns and I want my software to do all of that checking for me.

So in order to scrape this list and I’ve set here to show me 50 search results although there are a lot on this page I could have gone up to 100 but I need to keep it to about 50 for the software tool that I’m about to use.

I have got a free bookmarklet which there is a link below this video to – this Google SERP Extractor here, so I`m just going to click on that and I just need to scroll down to the URL list here and I just want to copy all these results here, the URLs and I would paste them over here into my new software tool called Bluechip Backlinks.

And what I would need to do here is just to start a new scan, paste in what I’ve copied there, we can see all those links there, scroll down, I may wish to add a keyword for a particular niche and I want to scan around 20,000 pages link to each of those URLs.

So this is industrial scale computer power here, so we are going for 20,000 pages around each of these URLs here not just that particular page, looking for these particular domains.

We would give it a name and a color here and you can see I’ve already created this job yesterday to show you the results and save time for this demonstration and click on ‘Start Scan’.

Bluechip Backlinks will scan through 4 of these URLs at the time 20 000 pages each – it’s scanning up to 80,000 pages at a time.

Let’s have a look at the results that we achieved with the scan yesterday.

We can see here on the, we found 8 expired domains available that we could purchase.

On this – 138, etc.

All these different blogs all with expired domains we can purchase that have a link.

But obviously we can filter down and see the metrics on these so we just need to click on the ‘View’ button here and Bluechip Backlinks is providing a few metrics for us.

So we can see the linking page PR for example if you are still into Page Rank.

We have  the Moz domain authority and we have got one of these sites here as a domain authority over 30.

We can look at the ‘Fresh Trust Flow’ on these sites, we can look at ‘Citation Flow’, we can sort any of these results.

And if we go back to the 30+ Moz DA one here we can just quickly check if it still is in fact available for purchase and remember we are not mucking around with domain auctions or anything here, we are just buying a domain that nobody currently owns and we want to check that it is available.

So we just click ‘Check’ on GoDaddy and we can see that that particular domain is available and currently GoDaddy have a deal for $2.99 to get that.

So it’s $3 to get that particular domain that has a CNN backlink.

Now of course you still should be doing your due diligence and dig more deeply into any domain that you buy and look for any kind of spam abuse in the past and that’s obviously in the anchor text and the sites that are linking to it and you can check on Majestic and Moz and Ahrefs to do that.

So that’s just a very quick insight into using this tool and the other thing I will quickly mention here on this demonstration is that you can see this ‘ Record’ and we can preview the snapshot’s thumbnails of what’s available in and rebuild those on the ‘Site Rebuilder’ function here inside Bluechip Backlinks.

And if we want to actually download all of our scans as a single file and then upload it into something like Majestic to look at everything that we have done, you just need to click on this button here ‘All Found Domains’ as well.

This principle that I’ve showed you here with CNN and the hundreds and hundreds of expired domains that have CNN backlinks – many of them contextual, many of them ‘dofollow’, many from pages with good metrics as we saw there with the linking page PR, you can obviously apply this approach to any big authority site that you want to get links from like New York Times, or Oxford University, or Harvard, or other media organizations and these as I said before can be used for a PBN.

They can be used for a PBN network.

They can be used as repurposed money sites, or extra traffic vehicle.

They can be used for 301 redirects particularly at the HT access level works well.

Or it could simply be that you want to sell the domain on and obviously something like CNN backlinks look very good for that.

The final point to note here on Bluechip Backlinks for getting any of these kind of authority links expired domains is that when you compare it with the only other tools on the market that I’m aware of and you will see on the comparison table above, Bluechip Backlinks is miles better value, has unrestricted usage each month and as you can see from these scans here, you can literally find thousands and thousands of expired domains that nobody owns probably in your niche.

But in order to have this unfair advantage in your SEO work – (website optimization), you do need a power of industrial scale SEO and this is all web based, so it`s nothing to do with the power of your computer, all of the computing power is at our end.

If you have questions or comments or anything is unclear please post below this video and I will answer personally (

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