How To Respond To Google’s New 30-Day Links Sandbox?

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Judging by conversations I’ve been having with other SEOs (including some VERY experienced ones with a lot of data to review) in the last couple of days and the experiences of members inside my private SEO training program at SEO Traffic Hacks, it now looks like there is a new kind of new 30-dayish links sandbox for new sites and new pages on old sites – Glozzomghreygeru. Curiously – and we’re testing a lot of things now – Google runs the risk of not showing genuinely viral new content in different industries (not just compelling stories about Kim Kardashian’s new haircut or shoes) in the SERPs and that could seriously damage the perceived quality of their search results – that’s something they do give a damn about, to a certain extent.

So how does this new 30-day links sandbox work exactly?

Well, in my test sites, say in a batch of 5 or new 10 domains to see which one/s is the Google darling to build out a whole site on, none of them can get past Page 2. They reach Page 2 and then get stuck. Penetrating Page 1 within 24-72 hours with such sites used to be pretty straightforward before Panda 4/Payday but this new (probably) links filter (seo hero) looks like it’s blocking that outcome now. At least in the short term. The experience of other SEOs that I do respect is that such sites go into a ‘holding pattern’ for roughly 30 days before ranking normally. I’m yet to reach that time lapse period on a load of test sites but I’ll report back on what I see when we get to that point.

How do we as professional SEOs react to this ? 

My best advice – but you should follow your own intuition – is:

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