How To Stop Majestic’s Backlink Lies

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by Terry Kyle
Minimum Monthly Cost $199 $195 $99.99
Simultaneous Crawlers 1 1 4
Active Campaigns 1 1 UNLIMITED Rebuilds Monthly NONE 25 UNLIMITED Previews NO YES YES
Majestic TF/CF Metrics YES YES YES
10K TF10+ Domains Weekly NO NO YES
PBN Video Training NO NO YES
Crawl Minutes Per Month 3000 n/a UNLIMITED

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Video Transcript:

In this video, we are going to look at how you can quickly make sure that you are looking at accurate results in Majestic SEO, or just Majestic these days, especially when it comes to doing due diligence on expired domains that you are considering buying for a PBN or some other SEO type of use.

Here in my Majestic account, I’m looking at the site explorer results for my SEO blog over at

So we need to look at a few little ‘gotchas’ and problems that can really conceal important information from you when you are looking at domains.

What we see on the summary page here is apparently the Trust Flow and also Citation Flow for my SEO blog at and we can see we have got 39 000 backlinks listed there, 119 referring domains and everything looks more or less normal though the Citation Flow seems a bit high in relation to the Trust Flow but we have never actively done any SEO work on that blog because that blog gets monitored pretty closely.

Now everything seems normal here but in fact Majestic is concealing quite a bit of information from us.

One of the anomalies with Majestic is that they have a Fresh Index from the most recent 90 days of records that they have crawled and being able to record and also a Historic Index which is everything that they have and if we flick between the two, if I click on this Historic Index now, all of this information is going to change.

Even though Trust Flow and Citation flow didn’t hugely change but we are going from Fresh to Historic, the number of backlinks and referring domains in here did change quite a lot and the problem is that we need to really check the different versions here.

But there is another problem with Majestic which is if we add www in front of the domain and search again, we now see that our backlink count has gone down from 16 000 to 14, everything is changed, Trust Flow has gone way down, Citation Flow has also gone down and you can imagine if we just pasted the www version of this domain into Majestic, we would have a completely distorted and wrong picture of the backlink profile of this site.

We actually are having a lot of information hidden from us and the same applies if I now chose Fresh Index for this domain.

Again, it changes quite a lot and now it’s 9 backlinks, 3 referring domains, different Citation Flow.

So you can see now that you need to cycle through these different variations of the www and non www version of the domains that you are considering buying but also to check on the Historic Index and the Fresh Index.

When it comes to looking at the backlinks, the really big ‘kicker’ and significance of this aspect of using Majestic is that the actual reported backlinks here if we are checking for porn or poker or pills or like penis enlargement backlinks things like that where the domain has been previously used and abused by an SEO.

The actual reported backlinks for each of these different variations in historic and fresh and www and non www vary so you actually need to look through all of them.

Now the easiest solution is if you create a report and what you will then get is a much better picture of the backlinks for the www version and the non www version basically everything that Majestic has.

But as far as we know, you still need to create a couple of reports to cover both of those variations of the domain in order that you get a full picture and you can see all of the possible backlinks linking to a domain because as we saw from that quick backlink demonstration there it can be very, very misleading if you don’t go and check the other variations of that domain and the Fresh Index and Historic Index.

Actually, we find quite often that Moz will report a different bunch of backlinks, partly different or wholly different, same with Ahrefs.

We tend to use Majestic more but we do see different backlinks generally speaking from those different tools and doing due diligence therefore requires really looking through all of them or at the very, very least making sure you have clicked on the different variations here (in Majestic).

Now typically with older domains, what you find is that it’s the www version that actually has all/most of the links going to it because that was more popular back in the day and that’s why it’s now built into Bluechip Backlinks (along with the non-www metrics too) which is my expired domain finding tool.

Bluechip Backlinks is an industrial scale tool for finding great expired domains in your niche that nobody currently owns and you can buy for just a cost of registration which could be $3 to $11 depending on the domain extension.

But you can see here where we have got the different fresh and historic results, there are significant differences – seo ranking – here and that’s why we have included both the Fresh and Historic for Trust Flow and Citation Flow.

So just make sure that you aren’t making that mistake of only looking at one version of the domain and are not checking the Fresh and Historic Indexes – Cloudboss pro review.

You should of course be clicking on the all backlinks per domain and not just the default one here.

So I hope that helps your expired domain buying and I look forward to talking to you on the next video (read about here).