Killer Keyword Research WITHOUT The Google Keyword Planner

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Google Keyword Planner (if you really must, AdWords account required)

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Video Transcript: 

In this quick results based SEO video today, we are looking at a keywords research shortcut, or ‘superhack’ that we use here a lot and the purpose of this shortcut is to quickly determine which keywords are much more likely to convert and in my experience often you will find the big search terms that have a lot of search volume may not necessarily convert well.

And ideally what we should be focused on are conversions, more than necessarily just rough traffic that may be less targeted.

For this demonstration video, I’m going to be doing keyword research on a competitor of my WordPress hosting company which is a super-fast all SSD WordPress hosting company – WPX Hosting but if I were to run a big SEO campaign towards a press release or other types of parasite page or a YouTube video for example, I need to know what keywords are good converters.

In this case I’m going to use wpengine and I’m using the tool SEMRUSH which you may or may not be familiar with. It`s got a ton of great functions and in my view is more or less indispensable for today`s online marketer.

So we click on ‘Search’ in SEMRUSH and we can see on the left that they are currently ranking for 37,000 keywords, but if we scroll down we can see that they currently only run AdWords on 250 of the 37,000 keywords and remember that in this case that WPEngine have been around for the last 5 years so in a way we are seeing the benefits here of five years worth of their trial and error, pretty expensive trial and error.

So it`s more likely if we begin by targeting these keywords and we can even narrow further as I will show you in a moment.

It’s much better than going after others in this 37,000 up here.

If we click on ‘Ads History’ we can now see exactly which keywords WPEngine have been bidding on and if we pay close attention to cost per click for example and down here clicks cost $17.35 and we can see in this ads history here where we have got all these numbers that they have been consistently advertising on that keyword so that could well be a good converter.

Where you see big gaps where they have kind of given up on a particular keyword moved on or changed down the number of ads they are running, that may be less likely for a keyword for us to go after.

We can see if we scroll down here even targeting this ‘enterprise wordpress hosting’ here which is only supposedly getting 30 searches per month but the cost per click is $51 and we can see here back in September they were running 10 ads for this particular keyword, 9 ads in October.

So not only can we see the keywords which are more likely to convert but we can see these specific offers – the headlines the offer hooks that they were using for those keywords.

So if you are building pages, or a page on your new site in your niche you can actually use some of the offer ideas that are proven to work because they keep spending a lot of money on these ads and we can track that at any time in SEMRUSH.

Now if we must use the Google Keyword Planner, we obviously can paste in our own landing page or any competitors’ site, click on ‘Get Ideas’ and just see what terms Google thinks that particular site or page is relevant for – seo ranking.

And the reason you would do it is that you might be seeing additional terms here that didn’t show up if you are just putting in your main keyword up here such as ‘wordpress hosting’ for example (read about safe seo company here).

So I hope that helps you and you can leave your feedback and comments and questions below and I will get to those and reply as well.

Have a great day!