Should You Sell SEO To Local Businesses?

Should You Bother Selling SEO To Local Businesses?

Don’t be fooled by the pipe dreams of massive wealth and a carefree lifestyle by selling SEO services to local businesses in your area:


In my view – and we all need to follow the path that we are most comfortable with – local SEO has far too many drawbacks and is generally not the best business model to pursue with your SEO knowledge (and I have worked in this area and masterminded with many working full-time in Local SEO).

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I do respect the guys doing it but for me, the negatives with this business model are:

    • It’s getting more competitive all the time as more and more SEO ‘experts’ target local businesses
    • You can be inheriting a lot of pre-existing SEO problems with a site that it may not be possible to recover from
    • The local business will now hold YOU personally responsible for their exact ranking and any algorithmic change, negative SEO or other variable could affect that ranking
    • In terms of the hours required in meeting local businesses, pitching to them, building the relationships, maintaining them etc – is it actually all that profitable or worthwhile?
    • Didn’t we escape from corporate life to get away from dealing with clients? Some clients are good to work with, others are a total freaking nightmare:


And worst of all:

  • It’s a 1:1 commercial proposition and difficult to scale significantly (unlike software or other forms of SEO) so we’re backing to trading time for money on a strict 1:1 basis like a salaried employee.

However, it may well suit your personality (e.g. outgoing, disciplined, happy to be constantly accountable etc) and might therefore be a good way to go.

I’m sure there will be some replies to this email defending Local SEO and I totally get it.

If it’s your current ‘bread and butter’, that’s awesome but it’s not for me – not as a main business anyway.

OK then, so what are some other options for making money with SEO?

The obvious alternatives include, at least:

  • Affiliate marketing – but get the hell away from Clickbank, affiliate marketing takes a lot more forms than you might think including non-English market affiliate marketing
  • Site flipping (ranking sites and selling them on
  • Link rentals (I have made a ridiculous amount of money from this side of SEO over the years)
  • Making and selling SEO/IM-related software (e.g. my Bluechip Backlinks,, Wayback Rebuilder and forthcoming – check the JV Zoo bestsellers (login required) to see how many of those are software-related – developing software isn’t as hard as you think (visit website).
  • Lead generation (though you’re back with clients here but with more power in the relationship)
  • White label SEO (you provide the service/s to other SEOs – seo firm – for their clients but you are not directly responsible for client management)
  • SEO training like my private SEO Traffic Hacks II program
  • Amazon FBA (ranking your Amazon pages for physical products that you source and sell e.g. Amazing Selling Machine)

Here’s my short version of different levels of SEO/IM business models:

kyleshierarchy3 (1)

Hopefully that’s food for thought and REMEMBER, do what you feel most comfortable with and what fits your vision of a great lifestyle – Cloudboss pro review.

Power ON
Terry Kyle