How To Make Money Online From SEO Today

There are many different ways to make money online in a variety of different niches, especially when it comes to SEO. They all have their own set of pros and cons and no business model is failure proof. However, when you pair your knowledge with the right mindset and you align it with your lifestyle and interests, you have much higher chances of success.

If you’re not making as much money as you’d like, it’s time to step back and re-examine a few things before changing your strategy.

Are Your Deals/Offers Strong Enough?

Whether your focus is purely on services or purely on products, you have to make sure you appeal to your target audience. Being general is not enough, neither is basing your offer on what the competitor next door is doing. You have to look at it with fresh eyes and do what it takes to make your offer stronger and better. It comes down to basic salesmanship skills and aligning your offer with what your audience wants. Often, the best way to find out exactly what they want is to ask them and to improve your offer accordingly.

What’s Holding You Back?

Another problem that may hold you back is fear or some limitation. You might think you aren’t intelligent enough or that you lack charisma or knowledge. In reality, none of that matters. What’s truly important is fearless focused execution. Staying focused and following through on execution is the only thing you need to make progress.

Consider for a moment Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, the two guys behind Amazing Selling Machine. Regardless of what your opinion of them may be, there’s no denying it that they made it big with the launch of their product. And even though, their program wasn’t innovative or revolutionary, they owe their success to one thing: their ability to focus and follow through with their plan.

And once you find a business model that suits your lifestyle and your personality, staying focused is what will give you the best results. Once you stop jumping from one shiny object to the next and truly focus on the one thing and give it your all, that’s the key to real happiness and success.

Wishing Doesn’t Work

One final thing to keep in mind is the fact that wishing doesn’t work. You won’t make progress if you simply wish for it. You have to be prepared to create more, offer more, research more, and promote more. Staying on top of the trends and always working on improving yourself is one the most important things you can do to create a great business that meets all of your financial goals and offers you a better lifestyle.

How to Make Money in SEO/IM?

When it comes to making money with SEO and Internet Marketing, there is a hierarchy of services to consider and keep in mind.

Basic Services

The most basic way to make money is to offer your services or products. Some examples include article writing, website design or creation, VA work, and similar. Using your SEO knowledge to promote the skills you already have is, in fact, a very smart business model, especially when you combine it with email marketing and retargeting. The niche is not so important as long as you are able to build a solid client base of repeat customers and offer your services on a recurring subscription model.

The drawbacks of this approach are the fact that it takes a long time and a lot more work to create a high-quality product. There is also no guarantee of success.

With that said, you should not immediately dismiss the idea of providing services. Article writing as a service can be extremely lucrative if you are able to produce high-quality articles in a short amount of time. Keep in mind that your eventual business might not be the same a year or two down the road as the market is constantly changing and evolving.

Make sure your model is ‘bootstrapable’ or in other words, keep your financial costs down to the bare minimum and don’t get discouraged by failure. Keep going and keep learning.

Link Building Services

Link building services revolve around guest blogging, PR link rentals, blog network posting, unmoderated blog list sales, tiered links and similar. I have had great success with PR link rentals and they have been a huge backbone of my business. They can help the rankings quite a bit and there is a constant demand for PR/TF/DA link rentals, especially when they are focused on a particular niche. It’s also a recurring business model as links stay up so long as monthly payments are made.

On the downside, however, you have to be aware of the fact that it’s very easy to hit the income ceiling and the links don’t help everyone. You can also run into risk of getting penalized by Google if you’re not being careful about the links. You should also avoid spun content as that is likely to get you deindexed rather quickly.

Knowledge-Based Services, Info Products, And Product Monetization

This type of money-making often involves local SEO/IM training, consulting, affiliate marketing, conversion optimization, ecommerce, lead generation, and more. They can often scale more reliably than the previous two tiers so let’s take a closer look at a few of the most popular ones.

SEO/IM Agency Consulting

There are always new opportunities to find clients as new people are coming into the market and trying to learn SEO techniques. This type of business is great if you have a teacher personality and can be a great way to promote your products that are a direct spin-off of your training. It’s dynamic and ever-evolving and has great potential for partnerships and masterminds.

However, it can also be time consuming to do it well and that particular niche is getting a bit saturated. Consider all the low-cost courses on Udemy and Lynda that are tapping into the same market, lowering the perceived value of your training. And as much as the dynamic adds to the appeal, it can also be a drawback if you’re not able to keep up with the latest trends and changes.

To get the most out of it, your best bet is to specialize in a very specific sub-area of SEO and be prepared to do extensive testing. An example would be how to rank on Google with Pinterest or Instagram or even press releases.

Use the normal promotion channels such as Warrior Forum, Traffic Planet, Facebook Ads, email marketing, subreddits to get the word out. Commit to it for life and develop great products that aren’t so reliant on you as the figurehead of business.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has an advantage of not having to create your own products which can be a huge time-saver. You also don’t have to worry about providing support or handle refunds. The only thing that’s required is bringing more traffic and earn money from that.

Be warned though, that with affiliate marketing, you are building someone else’s business and they usually wind up making a lot more money than you. Another downside is that popular affiliate programs tend to get saturated rather quickly, making them harder to promote. Some of the affiliate programs also have low payouts and even longer payout periods (for example, Amazon who takes 3-4 months before paying their affiliates).

The affiliate marketing should never be your main business, rather look at it as an opportunity to create additional income, unless you have a determination to become “the super affiliate”. In that case, you might want to consider creating your own products with your own affiliates.

When possible, opt for affiliate programs that offer recurring commissions for life such as SEMRush, Aweber, LeadPages, etc.

Check for best recurring programs and keep track of what your peers are promoting. One of the ways to discover the best recurring affiliate programs is to pay attention to the “income reports” (ie. Pat Flynn publishes them on a regular basis) as they can often reveal new opportunities.

Finally, consider launching in non-IM niches by looking at new offers at or

Local SEO/IM Training

Consider for a moment the fact how many businesses are in your local area. The truth is that every single one of them wants to be seen online and many are willing to pay for your knowledge. If you deliver good results, this business model can even lead to new referrals and it’s even possible to cross-sell other services such as Facebook marketing, website creating, email marketing…

As with anything, it comes with its own set of drawbacks such as saturated market and the problem of managing client expectations. You are the person responsible for their ranking and if they aren’t seeing the results fast enough, they might abandon you. It’s not as easy to scale up and the price margins may not be as high as you want them to be.

You can always consider offering your SEO services to other SEO companies around you as they often are too busy with client work to do their own SEO properly.

Software and Technical Services

As we’re moving up in hierarchy, the last two business models have a much higher earning potential. In terms of software and technical services, consider various tools that make all our lives easier. Examples include tools like’s Open Site Explorer, Trello, Dropbox, hosting in all of its flavors, selling templates on ThemeForest or CodeCanyon (WordPress themes and plugins), mobile app development, and similar.

This is currently my favorite model because it can “piggyback” on the popularity of other software. For example, consider Adobe Acrobat for MS Word, extensions for MS Excel, apps for Android, and similar.

It’s much easier and faster to develop software using an existing API than create software from scratch and has a much higher profit potential. Case in point is my own SEMRush-powered reverse rankings checker which took only 2 days to create.

However, bear in mind that the success is not guaranteed and you run the risk of dealing with copycats trying to imitate your products.

A great starting point for this model is to find a solution for your own biggest problem and to put yourself in the position of the manager and the creator. Outsourcing the work and using existing technologies are the game-changers of this business model since they allow you to focus on coming up with ideas and seeing them to execution. When done properly, they can lead to the final category in the hierarchy.

Heavyweight Services and Sales

Last but not least in the hierarchy chain are the heavyweight services and sales which can lead to multi-million sales and have the highest earning potential. However, they work best after you already have an established user base and considerable traffic.

So Where Is The Money Exactly?

As with anything, the important thing is to go where the money currently is. The hierarchy above has different types of business models that you can incorporate into your own lifestyle but do bear in mind that the trends are constantly changing and shifting.

In general, some of the money-making methods are seeing a downward trend:

• Training (especially with the rise of Udemy where most courses are practically given away for free)
• Content creation
• SEO consulting
• Public Forums
• Link building
• Any service that requires people to work

Business models that seem to do well at the moment include:

• Software as a service
• Mobile apps
• Recurring revenue
• Product “piggybacking”
• Real communities
• DFY (done-for-you) services
Even though these seem to be the current trends, remember that there are no guarantees in anything and that these are more to be seen as exceptions. You might take a services such as content creating and be really good at it if you are able to find an untapped niche and provide high-quality content in a reasonable timeframe. You may also find yourself failing miserably if you launch an app that doesn’t generate enough interest or doesn’t provide enough value for the price even though mobile development is on the rise.

What Do People Want?

People always want specific things and those are the things you should consider for your business model.

• Links (tiered, PBN, BN, guest posts, Wikipedia, relevant BNs…) – as mentioned earlier, it’s one of the simplest business models you can get into but when you pair it with your SEO knowledge it can be a very good foundation which will allow you to pursue your passion project
• Articles – consider creating a platform similar to iwriter
• Specific blueprints – providing specific step-by-step instructions on something, people want someone to hold them by the hand and walk them through the process
• Coaching – selling your knowledge can be a very lucrative business
• Access to lists like JV mailings and solo ads
• Solutions that trade money for time – consider software that helps them achieve something, it can range from the most simple to more complex solutions
• Hosting

Naturally, whichever business model you choose, you have to develop 3 core skills to improve your chances of success.

Gap Spotting

One of the most important skills is the ability to identify gaps in the market and figure out what’s missing. What’s currently offered on the market that is lacking in features or is overpriced? As you keep thinking about it and put your mind to it even as you sleep, eventually, you will reach a point where identifying gaps in the market will become second nature to you. Once you’ve found a gap, you have to do whatever necessary to execute on the idea and see it come to life.

Some examples include Dropbox, LeadPages, bitcoins – all these seem to come from nowhere but in reality, they are a direct result of a gap in the market.

Mix, Match, Add, Subtract

Another crucial skill is the ability to take an existing service or product and apply it to a different market. If you consider LinkedIn for a moment – in reality, it’s nothing more than Facebook for business people.

If you take the time to consider existing services, try looking at them with fresh eyes and find ways to target the service to a completely different audience or to add new features which improve upon existing ones.

A great example of this is taking any English language proven business model and applying to a large non-English market.

An interesting idea could be creating a Motor Trend type website for WordPress which is built on quality factual and analytical reviews of themes, plugins, hosting, and anything else closely related to WordPress.

Another interesting possibility is creating a Udemy type website for a Spanish or Portguese market.

Complete Detachment From Failure

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle is the ability to detach yourself from failure. While this may seem easier said than done, it can be a major hindrance to progress. Remember that it doesn’t matter if you fail as long as you’re learning something from it and keep in mind that your loyalty should be to success not to any particular product or a service.

Potential Audiences

Once you’ve got your business idea and the execution plan, you will need to find a targeted audience for it. Your service will need to be aligned to the right audience which means you will need to target the message and tailor the copy depending on where your target audience hangs out online.

Some of the places where you can find your audience include:

• Warrior Forums – this is where most of the people who are new to the SEO arena spend most of their time in an effort to learn SEO.
• Traffic Planet – this is the place where people who are tired of Warrior Forum come to expand and get real knowledge
• Copyblogger – a perfect place to find online business owners and entrepreneurs who are turned off by typical Clickbank and Make Money Online hype
• WickedFire, Black Hat Forums – a place where more experienced blackhatters spend their time

Final Thoughts

Considering everything said so far, it’s not hard to see that software is the future. It has a higher perceived value and it’s harder to replicate. It also serves the recurring income model quite well. Any type of software that does our work for us can be turned into a lucrative business. Consider focusing your attention on web-based PHP services (a singular theme on ThemeForest made millions to its author) and remember that your primary role should be to conceive and manage the product, not actually creating it.

Avoid debts if at all possible by keeping your costs low and focus more on creating platforms rather than products. Specialize in one area and commit to researching, learning, and testing. Keep your focus sharp and always look to refine your business model.

Don’t forget taking care of yourself as it’s quite easy to get caught up in the numbers and marketing that you ignore your biggest asset – your health.

Remember, you don’t need approval from anyone nor do you need anyone’s permission. The time to act is now as there has never been so many business opportunities – miami seo services. The only thing you will regret later in life is what you haven’t done not what you have tried to do.