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Does SEO Matter In New York City?

Regardless of the current problems that everybody is facing concerning the lack of organic keyword data, investing in search engine optimization is now more important than ever for any organization. If you are a venture, being located on the internet is essential, but if you are a small to mid-sized business, being located locally is very vital. For instance if your business is targeting the New York Market, localizing your SEO efforts will increase your visibility across all major search engines ,so clients who are around New York can easily find you when they need something that your business offers. Even though many things have changed regarding online marketing, search engine optimization still remains one of the most essential aspects of any business’s online presence and branding efforts. Simply put, if you are a New York business the value of localized SEO (New York SEO) for your organization cannot be underrated. Here are some main reasons why New York SEO is important for your New York business.

Increased Traffic

Sites that appear on the first page of search engine results receive most of the clicks, hence being on the first page or ranking high can result in a considerable traffic increase to your site. Search Engine Optimization concentrates in developing informative and relevant keyword title tags and Meta descriptions which rank high in search engine results. This helps increase click through rates which also promotes increase in qualified traffic to your site. Even though a click through alone will not make you any money, the first major step in converting a visitor is to get them to your site. Most of the people searching for the product that you offer are not necessarily going to make you money, but chances are that some of them will ultimately become your clients because of your ranking. Just like in a car show room, the sales person still has to convince the potential buyer to buy the car, and it is better to do so in a crowded street corner than on a deserted island.

Optimal Insight into Your Customers

If your site is optimized correctly, it will definitely enhance your visibility, credibility and usability on various search engines all of which enhance qualified traffic to your website. That said, when these people visit your site, Google Analytics can track important data about them. For instance it can find out what keywords they use to search various products, the browser that they use, how long they spent on your site and so on. This data is very handy and analyzing it can help you hone your marketing efforts, discover your target market and make plans based on facts rather than educated guesses. This is also important because the better you know how your clients behave or what they want, the better the service or product that you will provide.

Local SEO Can Help Grow your business

Your site is the second location of your business. With New York SEO, you will be making it easy for internet users around the city to engage with your organization. It also makes it easy to find and study your organization’s webpage and update it with engaging and informative content if necessary which is very important for the growth of your organization. In addition, the site is always up and running seven days a week,364 days a year and never reports late to work or calls in sick. It also does whatever you want it to do without asking for a salary hike and pulls in leads and sales like clockwork. Your localized site is like your perfect employee, multitasking, always delivering and tackling millions of prospects without getting tired. All these factors play a very important role in the growth of your enterprise.

Optimal Potential for Conversion

Targeted online marketing including localized SEO mostly attracts visitors who are already searching for the service or product that you offer. As a business owner you do not need to wear designer clothes, dance or scream for people to notice your business. They already need something that is why they were searching for it in the first place. There is no need for you to place a bold print advert in a magazine. You just have to make sure you are up there in the search results. That’s all. They are looking for a product or service that you offer, all you have to do is make sure you are up there in the search results and then convince them that you are better than other companies and –voila, the battle is over.

Financial Survival

Today a good percentage of all offline sales are usually driven by a research initiated on the internet. Recent studies show that over 80 percent of consumers use the web to find local organizations from which to purchase offline. It is why even offline ventures cannot afford to ignore the impact of online marketing and it is also why search engine optimization forms the bedrock of most offline companies’ online marketing strategies. Your site works as your never resting sales person, working 24/7 to deliver qualified leads to your business. This will not only increase your revenue but also play a very vital role in your business’s financial survival.

Increased site usability

As a search engine optimizer tries to make your site easier for various search engines to crawl, they simultaneously help to make your site more navigable for your visitors as well. SEO usually involves arranging your site’s general design and links to make the webpages easier to navigate and easier to find. Ultimately this makes it easier for google and other search engines to crawl the site and easier too for your visitors to locate information that they are looking for.

Measurable ROI

It doesn’t matter whether you are an e-commerce website or you are non-ecommerce website, SEO provides quantifiable and trackable results. So there are no chills or educated guesses when it comes to Return on Investment with SEO. An SEO firm or the site’s owner can easily track every component of the strategy like conversions, traffic and rankings. More comprehensive analytics can also provide users with the ability to look at finer details and see demographic data as well as other metrics about people who have interacted with your site. For E commerce websites, the owner can track paths that different users took before making a purchase or the specific keyword that they used to search for their site before finally making a purchase. For non-eCommerce websites, a site owner can assign values to lead conversions like the contact us form and then compute the value of their SEO efforts.

SEO is good for your Business’s Visibility

When somebody searches for the services or products that you offer, of course you would want to appear as high as possible in the search engine rankings. While the main reason for this is because you want the person to click through to your site, there are other positive effects that this can have on your brand. For instance simply appearing on the first page of the search results has a certain amount of value for your business. Some searchers don’t just search and click through sites once. Instead they search severally click in some sites, edit their search words, click in some sites, further hone their search words, search again and so on. This typically means that if you show in most of these search results consistently you will be gaining more traction with this type of customers. There are very good chances that they will ultimately click through to your site and since you consistently displayed in their searches, they will trust you more too.

SEO Provides Credibility

Even though it may be a subconscious note, most consumers usually take note of the firms that show up on search engines. In their minds, your ranking is like a vote of confidence. Research also shows that higher rankings in search engines usually lead to more credibility and trust in the eyes of most consumers.


SEO Helps To Create Your Brand

It is perhaps one of the main reasons why SEO is vital for organizations. It provides your business with an opportunity to target potential customers who reside in the vicinity of your business. The ability to place your product or service in front of these potential customers is what makes New York SEO one of the most powerful tools for both small and large business owners in New York. It allows them to effectively increase the presence of their brand in the area and helps the residents trust and associate with the brand.

Beating Competitors

In the online world, it is not just enough to do things for your business. What you do in relation to your competitors also matters greatly. To compete and even beat them you must be matching their marketing efforts. Not utilizing an effective SEO strategy leaves you at a risk of being displaced in search engine rankings. And remember if you are not enhancing your position or you are dropping, you are losing ground to another company that is. So do not allow your competitors to beat you by ignoring this vital strategy.

Search engines are grabbing more market share

According to recent surveys, over 80 percent of consumers now search for reviews online before buying something and this number is expected to rise significantly by 2020.So it will not be long before almost everybody is looking for services and products online. And if you want them to locate your brand, it is only important that you implement an organic SEO strategy. Otherwise it will very hard for consumers to locate you and will instead do business with your competitors who have a strong online presence.

SEO Is Long-Term

Even though SEO can be very effective in the short term and can be tailored to deliver quick and fast results for organizations that need quick results, it has one main advantage over other online short term focus marketing strategies: It delivers long term results. If done properly, search engine optimization can be long lasting and it can help you stay on the first page of various search engines for several years without spending a dime. While methods like pay per click are also very quick at directing traffic to your site, they are also very expensive. In addition, in a survey conducted recently over 91 percent consumers prefer to buy products or services that appear in natural search results as they seem more authentic. Organic SEO can help you grab such spots.

SEO Will Help People Find Your Website

As mentioned earlier, your site is the second location of your business. It is also your first contact point online. It can attract new clients, generate leads and qualify prospects. But unless internet users can find it easily, your site is not doing you any good. That is where SEO comes in handy. SEO is no longer just about ranking your site high in search results, getting more views or clicks, it is about getting your site noticed, found and loved. So SEO should be deep rooted in your business’s strategies and objectives.

It is cost-effective

SEO is not only one of the most effective marketing strategies in the world, but it is also very affordable. This is mainly because it targets people who are already looking for your services and products online. Its inbound nature also helps organizations save a lot of advertising cash as opposed to outbound techniques like cold calling. Even though cold calling is also an effective marketing strategy, the leads generated by the method cost about 60 percent more than the leads that are generated by an inbound method like SEO. In addition, because SEO targets internet users who are looking for products or services that you also offer, the traffic generated by SEO is actually more qualified than that generated by other online marketing strategies.

Final Word

Hopefully these reasons have convinced you about the invaluable benefits of an effective New York SEO strategy (seo copywriting) in growing your venture and taking it to greater heights of success, branding and profitability. Additionally, as the trend slowly shifts to geo-specific searches, ranking high for local queries will become very important in making local organizations stand out. Finally, handing anyone fresh and tasty ingredients doesn’t mean that they will prepare great food. If you want great food, hire a professional chef. If you want high quality SEO for your site, hire professional and experienced New York SEO experts and you will be glad you did.

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