SEO Is Getting Outrageously Expensive Now & What To Do About It?

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SEO has never been that cheap.

Especially when you factor in the time necessary to learn how to do it well.

But in the past year or so, it has gotten a LOT more expensive (don’t even get me started on SEO hosting where I was forced to do this).


Well in my view:

1. Almost everyone that’s serious about SEO now understands the value and ranking power of having Private Blog Networks (PBNs), even if they aren’t actual blogs but should ideally be built on different CMS’s like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and especially basic HTML sites (read about private blog networks here).

2. These networks are powered by expired domains & good quality expired domains have been rising and rising in price for some time.

Often just ONE good domain can fetch HUNDREDS of dollars:



For ONE domain!

3. That’s because demand keeps going up and domain dealers (including companies like Godaddy) have to make a profit markup on each domain.


There is a way to slash 90-95% off the cost of buying these kinds of quality expired domains…


Buying quality expired domains that NOBODY currently owns – not Godaddy, not some domain dealer somewhere.


Why is that so significant?

It matters because as nobody owns these quality domains, often with incredible backlinks (think the CNNs of your niche), you can buy them for ONLY the cost of domain registration, around $6-$11 each, depending on the domain extension type (.com, etc) and make them a part of your SEO arsenal.


Actually FINDING these golden domains has been massively time consuming, until now – seo consultant.

If you watch the video here, I walk through the whole NEW process:

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