SEO Microhack #1: ‘Double Barrel’ Banner Ads

Straight from the research labs inside SEO Traffic Hacks (which is currently closed but you can go on to the notification list here when it re-opens).

Technically, this is not an SEO ‘hack’ (short cut) but like several techniques in this ongoing 2015 ‘SEO Microhack’ series, it can still add extra power to your online business (read about hosting for seo here).

Microhack #1

If you have any website where you can drive traffic through, for example, an affiliate link to a vendor’s sales page, try this ‘double barrel’ banner technique where you place BOTH a 728 x 90 horizontal banner ad AND the 250 x 250 or 300 x 250 banner that visually ‘synch up’ together e.g.

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Ideally, BOTH banner ads should have some motion involved (especially with simulated ‘camera shaking’), and notice how it dominates the visual focus of the page and will drive up CTRs (compra de baterias usadas):

This article is also a good read on the general topic of above fold maximisation with actual examples (