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These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business.
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Video Transcript

Earlier this week, I fully updated my 2016 SEO Resources PDF guide and this PDF includes all of the current tools that I use in my SEO and internet marketing business along with vendors and any other relevant services that we need to operate on a day to day basis, they are all listed here.

But more than that this particular PDF which you can access for free below this video has four parts:

The first includes the list that I was talking about of all the different resources and vendors and tools that we currently use, but there are three other parts to this PDF as well.

Part 2 is all about what is working for us at the moment with Parasite Page SEO, which is where we are creating pages on other platforms on the web and capitalizing on the fact that Google already likes those platforms and those are great for additional traffic vehicles.

In Part 3, I list the exact parasite platforms that are ranking the best right now in Google so you can see the top 10 there.

And part of the benefit of that is that you are not going to waste time on parasite platforms that Google hates, Google has fallen out of love with and you are only working with parasite platforms that Google currently likes.

The final part of this free PDF is about affiliate monetization and I get asked a lot of questions about affiliate marketing and this is my best advice in here.

By applying these principles that I talk about in Part 4 to my own affiliate marketing activities has multiplied my income from affiliate marketing many times over.

So there are some very important small and large tweaks you can apply to what you are doing in your affiliate marketing in order to make it far more profitable.

So I hope you enjoy this free PDF guide which, as I said, has been fully updated for 2016 with all completely current information and (seo basics) you can access it by clicking on one of the shared buttons below this video (above).

If you have follow-up questions I’ve felt the details on how to get in touch and of course you can also leave comments or questions below this video on this blog post page as well.