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In SEO, forever we’ve been hearing about the power of PBNs (Private Blog Networks) and how they’re the best SEO weapon ever.

Well, all of that is still mostly true BUT finding good quality, relevant domains for your PBNs or PSNs (Private non-blog Site Networks) has gotten more and more expensive over the last couple of years as more individual SEOs and SEO agencies have scrambled  to build their own networks for their clients and/or own sites’ SEO.

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These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business.
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In short:

  • There are loads more buyers now for good quality expired domains because they work for SEO, either as repurposed Money Sites or private network SEO link sites
  • Domain auctions are massively time-consuming and the prices are over-inflated
  • Domain dealers need to put a profit markup on their domain inventory
  • Many available domains have been spammed to death and back – twice
  • Finding domains very relevant for your niche is also very time-consuming

The fundamental problem with these kinds of expired domains – and this is a CRUCIAL thing to understand – is that, on the whole, buying these kinds of domains sucks and is a loser’s game.


Simply because someone or some company ALREADY owns them. Yes, these domains are always going to cost more because a company or person ALREADY owns them.


Well, over the 20+ year life of the Web, hundreds of millions of websites, many with great backlinks from the highest authority sites in the world, no longer have owners.

The backlinks & domain STILL exist but the websites do not.

The people, companies or associations that once owned those domains/sites went bankrupt, lost interest, moved on to other projects – who knows?

And many of these expired domains have phenomenal backlinks (think CNN or the ‘CNNs’ of your niche/s) and NOBODY currently owns them.

Why is that so important?

Because IF you can find them, you can buy them for just the price of registration e.g. $7-$12 depending on the domain extension and where you buy it. And not spend hundreds of dollars on each good domain any more.

It used to be a time-consuming and frustrating task to use software like Screaming Frog or Xenu to try to find these domains and these tools were NOT custom built for this job (read about seo tools here).

Unlike my new SEO software: Bluechip Backlinks.

With Bluechip Backlinks software. you can potentially:

  • Find expired domains that your top 20 SERP competitors link to
  • Find expired domains that the best sites linking to your top 20 SERP competitors
  • Check any site in your niche or linking to any site in your niche for links to expired domains that nobody currently owns
  • Completely REBUILD any site from records (if they have records) based on how it used to look – this software does the rebuilding for you plus strips out all Wayback Machine code, cleans up the link structure so that most/all links work and extracts all available pages from (UNLIMITED number of rebuilds for Bluechip Backlinks users)
  • Search any site for unowned expired domains by keyword for extra relevance
  • Allows all of the above in a queue so it keeps working while you sleep
  • All of the computing power from new 12-core, high end servers is at our end, not your computer

But do these kinds of expired domains work for SEO?

Get Access To Every SEO Vendor & Tool I Use Right Now

These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business.
Click here to get my 2017 Secret SEO Resources PDF Now.

Well this is pretty much all my London SEO agency uses (+ some social) and these are typical results from this form of SEO for some of our clients there:

You can watch the full video demonstration of Bluechip Backlinks here:

and access it here.

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