SEO Vendor Test: YouTube Rankings In 4 Days (With Proof)

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Video Transcript

In this video, we are looking at the results of a very recent SEO vendor test where we achieved YouTube rankings within 4 days of the job actually running.

This test is very indicative of the type of testing constantly informing all of the teaching materials and SEO discussions over at SEO Traffic Hacks which is my private SEO training area with a ton of great materials and contributions from the community there in addition to software tool access as well.

And one of the big benefits of being in SEO Traffic Hacks is that you do get a free access to Bluechip Backlinks which is normally about $100 per month and that is completely free to current SEO Traffic Hacks members.

In this particular case, the vendor that we tested was a guy called ‘1st Profits’ over on Source Market and if you are not familiar with Source Market, it’s kind of like or even fiverr where you have a bunch of different SEO sellers offering different services.

So here is the exact configuration of this particular test order and you can see all of the different things that were ordered here which is useful not only if you choose to use this vendor and this gig yourself, but also if you want to run this SEO work yourself, you can see exactly how Josh, this ‘1stProfits’ guy was able to achieve these results and you can very easily replicate these if you have the time.

If you don’t, you can just obviously pay him or someone like him to follow this plan.

The actual video in question that I gave Josh to test was one for Bluechip Backlinks here and it’s a very new video, it was created on 26th November 2015 – you can see it down here so it didn’t have the benefit of age or anything like that.

After we created the video, we gave the details to Josh here and you can see we started this on November 26th.

Josh had a few things going on and he asked that we extend to December 8th which was fine and he did complete them.

And what we see and I saw this on Friday, I’m actually recording this video on Monday December 14th and these are the results that we have gotten so far purely from Josh’s gig.

There has been absolutely no other SEO work done to this new YouTube video.

We can see here that our best ranking result is position 11 and we have got some on page 3 as well and these are obviously low traffic terms and the thing that I’m really looking for here with Josh’s gig is not necessarily instant page 1 rankings but what I want to see is some serious needle movement which shows me that this video can rank, that there is nothing in the way in terms of description or tags or anything on this particular page here.

There is probably nothing preventing it from ranking well and now that I’ve set this up with Josh’s work and I see that it can rank, I can really throw some heavy PBN action and a few other things at this particular video and then I can be confident that it will rank.

We saw that to get those results in just a few days we spent $55.

You may well be able to achieve similar results by spending less but in this particular case we went with pretty much everything that Josh offers in this gig, some future testing which will do inside STH will be just the bare bones minimum of spending a lot less.

My own overall SEO philosophy is how to get the very best and fastest SEO results for the least amount of money or time invested and obviously with something like a 4 day turnaround here on some good rankings, some good needle movement here in Microsite Masters that is definitely achieving that and I can now come in and not waste time targeting a video that isn’t going to perform with my higher impact, more valuable SEO resources (read about Cloudboss here).

Just to wrap up this video, in a previous Results Based SEO Video I talked about the value of editing your inner page URL in WordPress here and I’ve left a link to that video below this one and we can see here that I was really targeting the term ‘CNN backlinks’ and I just went to have a look at Google for that particular phrase and remember this page has had absolutely no SEO work  – seo expert – whatsoever.

We can see here already it’s near the top of page 2, this one here with the ‘CNN backlinks’ in it.

Now obviously that inner page URL isn’t the only factor and this is not a high search volume phrase of course but it is quite targeted.

But we can see already just from a little bit of extra on page SEO optimization you can get a good result there, particularly for longer tale or less competitive search terms.