Watch As I Attack A 110,000 A Month Search Term With Parasite Pages (Day 1)

Starting tomorrow, I am running a short (documented) daily SEO experiment based on ranking Parasite Pages.

In this live SEO experiment diary, you will see the niche and keyword I am targeting, the link velocity, Anchor Text ratio, specific SEO tools/services I am using and the daily progress.

You will even see the exact Parasite vehicles that I create.

Just to quickly recap on the what and why of using Authority Parasite Pages for SEO if you’re new to this discussion:

A Parasite Page is where you rank a (new) inner page on an existing Authority site that Google ALREADY loves e.g

YouTube videos (obviously)
PRWeb press releases
SB Wire press releases
LinkedIn profile pages
Pinterest pages
Amazon product pages (e.g. if you have a Kindle book)
Udemy product pages (e.g. free/paid mini-course on, Udemy pages rank fast and high with good SEO)
Facebook pages
Forum thread pages (don’t forget to keyword optimize your title when starting a new thread)
Twitter profile pages
Storify inner pages
Yahoo Answers (you need a course though) (you need something to sell or give away here)

and what about the forgotten Google Sites pages at! That’s one we’ll be testing out in this experiment. Plus, as you’ll see below, (PR7 homepage) is also worth adding to our Parasite SEO arsenal.

You can read my other recent writings on Parasite Page SEO (probably just about the best SEO strategy right now in terms of ranking speed) here: (under Point 2)

Parasite SEO Positives:

– These pages can rank on Page 1 superfast – I have seen Page 1 rankings for longtails in 24 hours and 48 hours for harder terms – that isn’t normally possible with a new website

– Many of the normal SEO ‘rules’ of Link Velocity, Anchor Text overoptimization and spam links (e.g. Web 2.0 Magic Submitter style links) etc don’t apply or at least not as much (read about pbn here). Typically you can hammer these pages and Google won’t slap them into oblivion, quite the opposite in many cases

– They are expendable and free (apart from the time and SEO cost).

For instance, you can throw up a new Rebel Mouse page in 10 minutes and add some SEO work in another 5 minutes. If it ranks and brings traffic, great. If not, no biggie and the goal here is to build up a whole fleet of different Parasite pages ranking for lots of terms to give you a great cumulative traffic flow.

With a client company website or intended Authority site of your own, seeing it slapped out of Google and then spending time on penalty recovery is less appealing. And, I do personally know guys who only use Parasite pages and have no actual website of their own and have a very healthy business.

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These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business.
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– Depending on the Authority platform that you are capitalizing on, you can also edit, modify and improve the ranking page so there is even room for conversion optimization (more on that over the coming days) on many – but not all – Authority platforms e.g. PRWeb press releases and YouTube videos cannot be modified once published (though the description in YT can of course) so it’s good to know that going in when it comes to Authority site selection.

Parasite SEO Negatives:

– The platform/s is NOT under your control and a policy change at the Authority platform and/or Google (e.g. Squidoo slap) can result in an instant loss of that traffic. But the key is to SPREAD the traffic generation across several DIFFERENT Parasite pages and Google won’t take them all out – it likes Authority pages. compra de baterias usadas

For this Parasite experiment, I wanted a term with a ton of search volume and the potential to monetize with affiliate products (later after the rankings are established – I have seen, for example, adding Amazon aff links can slap rankings though my current test results are inconclusive on that at the moment; more on that later).

After some Keyword Research, the main search term (plus related terms) that I will be targeting is ‘Paleo Recipes’ (whatever they are?) and it gets – according to the Google Keyword Planner – around 110,000 searches a month in the US (don’t forget to check out my hack on forcing Google to show you search volumes for tens of thousands of terms here, if you missed it before):


Monetization-wise, options include these Clickbank offers that have reasonable Gravity:


When we look at the US SERP (I’m doing it with the GoogleGlobal plugin from Bulgaria so your page may look a little different) with SEOQuake switched on:


and a Parasite Page is ALREADY at #1 for this 110,000 search term:


and this is their REPORTED (different to ACTUAL) backlink profile in Majestic:


Judging by the Buzzfeed page at #1, this keyword looks like a good prospect for [a] a Pinterest page and [b] traffic via Google Images (filename selection crucial!).

What I do like about this SERP is [a] a spread of low PR pages showing there (I like to see a big range of PRs rather than all PR6s or higher), [b] the absence of health niche heavy hitters like WebMD (though I’ve never tried to beat them as I’m not really a health niche guy) and [c] pretty weak backlink profiles on the whole. If I also see other Web 2.0 inner pages and/or Parasite type pages ranking on Page 1, that’s also usually a green light.

Get Access To Every SEO Vendor & Tool I Use Right Now

These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business.
Click here to get my 2017 Secret SEO Resources PDF Now.

Now it may well be that this isn’t a particularly good search term for conversions but time will tell – at the moment we’re focused mainly on rankings: FAST rankings.

By the way, if you are using PRWeb press releases, here’s how to get your picture on the SERPs:


Tomorrow (Monday November 18), I’ll create the first few of my ‘Paleo Recipes’ Parasite Pages and start SEO on those – full details tomorrow.

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In Other News:

– Robert Scott, a SundaySEO alumni, has a PR7 site where a small number of link slots are available for $125 each per month. Contact Robert via robertscottonline(at) for full details.

– If site link audits, link removals and building your own completely private network sites for SEO – affordable seo – is beyond your current time/technical capability, my London SEO agency can run all of that for you – just leave your details here.

Let me know if you have followup questions at support(at) and I will answer your email personally (email again if I missed your earlier message – I get quite a few!) – I have also left comments open on this experiment below so fire away there too (!

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All the best