What Has 10x+ Better ROI Than Content Marketing? This.

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‘Content Marketing’ has been all the rage for a while through whitehat venues like Moz.com who keep banging the ‘quality content’ drum but let’s look at a few negatives of Content Marketing before we get into another type of marketing that destroys it on ROI:

    • Content Marketing is expensive/time-consuming to create (is it that realistic for the one-person or small SEO operation?)
    • Isn’t everyone in their niche that focuses on Content Marketing already bombarding the heavyweights in that niche for links, promotion etc?
    • It doesn’t suit a lot of niches, especially for local SEO (“I’ll just whip up some high quality Content Marketing pieces for my funeral home/locksmith/dry cleaning clients”)

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If you do get serious about Content Marketing, you can use free tools like buzzsumo.com and quicksprout.com (click on “Social Media Analysis”-“Page Level Results”) to instantly find out what content is ALREADY being virally shared the most and they may give you spinoff ideas.

Plus don’t forget to:

  • Build into your article some (good) references to specific people or tools in your niche and fire them a quick email after the content goes live as they may promote it to their audience. They may find it naturally anyway with Google Alerts or Talkwalker and possibly link to it but email them anyway.
  • When/if some traffic comes, DO use retargeting/remarketing (I currently use perfectaudience.com and it’s WAY simpler than Google AdWords) to build a 2nd ‘list’ to keep your OFFERS in front of the most distracted, unfocused population in human history.
  • DO also use social content locking to get some access to your visitors’ FB friends. FB are clamping down on locked/gated content, especially on FB and probably elsewhere so get moving.
  • DO use offer driven action popups. I currently use popu.ps and it’s a fantastic service with Web 3.0 style popups like this:
  • If you think popups are tacky, the next site your visitors go to won’t and guess who’ll get the money? Popups work, whether you love them or hate them.
  • DO promote your ‘quality content’ to as many relevant LinkedIn groups as possible once it’s published.
  • DO try to build a FB group around your site – if relevant for your niche.

Anyways, enough about Content Marketing, let’s get on to what’s WAY better than it (any semantics experts who want to argue that this is a type of Content Marketing can leave now).

So what’s better than Content Marketing?

Here are 3 clues:


The type of marketing I’m talking about here is Event Marketing, or more accurately, Ongoing Event Marketing, the type where your visitors get in the habit of returning to your site/event to see what’s happened since they last visited.

Try achieving that with a standalone infographic.

Get Access To Every SEO Vendor & Tool I Use Right Now

These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business.
Click here to get my 2017 Secret SEO Resources PDF Now.

This is where your create some kind of ongoing experiment like this guy who launched a career from eating fast food in a compelling test:

For example, in SEO/IM, my WF thread there is still top 10 all time most viewed on WF SEO forum I think, maybe top 20 and I still get emails about it, 5 YEARS LATER! By comparison, my normal posts attracted hundreds of views and a few replies whereas the live ‘event’ has had almost 170,000 views and 1100+ replies. That’s not bragging but shows the potential power of this type of marketing:

And there are other live experiments on this blog that have also attracted a lot of interest (read about terry kyle hosting here).

But, and there’s always a but, keep these factors in mind – search engine optimization companies – with your (online) Event Marketing (which may not work for all niches of course):

  • Relevancy is crucial: use buzzsumo and quicksprout above for experiment/event ideas.
  • Expect things to screw up, it’s normal and expected, share that with your audience.
  • Try to update your event as much as possible, returning visitors do want to see progress and developments.
  • Set a realistic timeframe e.g. 30/60 days, to [a] achieve results hopefully, and [b] build the habit of returning to your site for visitors.

Have a good day there and see you inside SEO Traffic Hacks with hundreds of other experienced SEOs.