Which Is Easiest To Manipulate – Majestic, Ahrefs Or Moz? Ahrefs – Hero Or Dud? Part 4 Final Round

Found your way here first?

Then this will all make more sense if you read these earlier parts of this experiment here BEFORE this page:

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Now it’s Ahrefs’ turn in the ring:


to evaluate our testing sites:


On June 20 2016, we could see these results in Ahrefs for the above test sites (went live on May 5 2016):



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and as a baseline comparison, remember that Ahrefs showed this result for WPX Hosting:


As explained here, Ahrefs alternative to PageRank or Majestic Trustflow is ‘Domain Rank’ of ‘Domain Rating’ and the difference with their ‘URL Rating/Ranking’:

Ahrefs URL Rating/Ahrefs Domain Rating measure how important the URL/domain is by verifying the number and quality of its backlinks (the URL rating is for individual pages like Moz PA whereas Domain Rank/Rating is more like Moz DA).

Ahrefs’ algorithm, calculates a score between 1-100, with 100 being the highest. A rating of 0-30 means the page/domain is unpopular, 31-70 means that it is average and 71-100 indicates that it is very popular…Ahrefs has developed an innovative algorithm for analyzing the backlinks (seo competitor analysis) of any web page. From there, it deduces a number ranging from 0 to 100, which is known as the Ahrefs Domain Rank. The Ahrefs Domain Rank works on the following factors:

When Website “A” has a ranking and website “B” is linked to it, then more ranking will pass to the Website “B” domain. Similarly, the same domain with multiple outbound links will transfer low rankings to each link. Once this process runs a dozen times, a fix number will be assigned to the website, thus creating the Ahrefs Domain Rank. Ahrefs also will give URL Ranks, which will vary based on the URL of a website.

Get Access To Every SEO Vendor & Tool I Use Right Now

These are the exact tools & vendors that I use every day here in my 7-figure SEO business.

Click here to get my 2017 Secret SEO Resources PDF Now.

So what can we determine from the above Ahrefs results:

  • The Ahrefs crawler is FAST and beat Majestic by days and Moz by, well, light years, assuming OSE ever crawls those sites.
  • Ahrefs is the EASIEST to manipulate out of the 3 tools and get seemingly healthy (at a shallow glance) metrics going on a new domain with junk backlinks.
  • If you ONLY use Ahrefs to check expired domains, that’s risky and you should at least be using Majestic as a cross-checker (typically these tools find DIFFERENT sets of backlinks) for spam detection in your due diligence process.
  • Disappointingly, Ahrefs regarded manipulationtest-moz.com as worthy of a 50 URL Rating/Rank score but the legitimate site of WPX Hosting with 45k+ NON-SEO’d real links as only meriting a 37. Hmmmm.
  • Though it’s hard to put my finger on specifically why, I tend to not use Ahrefs as my first go-to tool, I use Majestic for that, despite the issues mentioned in this test.
  • In short, TrustFlow isn’t bad and is a reasonable shorthand starting point for domain due diligence though try to balance metrics (read about seo optimisation here) with common sense/human judgement when evaluating domains to buy (I have done very well with sub TF10 expired domains that had 1 or 2 amazing backlinks).

My next test on these tools?

Though I don’t have a specific timeframe on this next test on this scale, next up I want to see if the crawlers for Majestic, Ahrefs and Moz OSE actually honor htaccess-level blocking of their spiders OR whether they actually have MULTIPLE crawlers with DIFFERENT names in order to not limit their crawl reach (read about official website here).


BTW, if you want the text to add to your htaccess file – at the end of it – to theoretically block the crawlers of Majestic, Ahrefs and Moz OSE WITHOUT using a WordPress plugin, check this link:


If you click here , you can also make sure you hear about the results of that next test AND get my latest SEO resources PDF (https://blog.terrykyle.com/3d-printer/).